Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you, Jenny!


Last weekend, Coach and Clint went fishing and left Jenny

and I, with nothing to do but have fun. So, we did. After a

leisurely morning and my favorite juice to date, we

took off. First stop, Woodhouse Spa. It was our first

visit to this charming place in downtown Belton.

Everything was lovely. Located near the Cotton Gin,

in a historic building. I was smitten with the ambiance.

From the moment we walked in the door, I couldn’t get

over how comfortable and relaxed I felt. I loved every

minute of my luxurious facial. Which, Jenny so generous

treated me to. Thank you, so much! What a great idea!

We both enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend it

for you next spa day. When they offer you a beverage, ask for

the hot cinnamon tea. The combination was rejuvenating and

refreshing. It made me look years younger as you can see

in the picture below or at least I feel like herSmile


Then we were off the Waco for a little shopping a Spice

Village, Bloom and Bee Swanky and Sironia’s.


We found several ‘treasures’ and even caught a 10 lb..



Jenny and I had a fun day together! One I’ll never forget.

I really enjoyed our conversations and felt like I got to

know her even better. I admire so many things

about Jenny. Her soft spoken manner, head full

of knowledge, heart full of passion and quiet disposition.

Quite different, than the loud, rowdy family she married

into. This morning, I’m reminded of how challenging it

is to be thrown into a melting pot of a new family. I

remember and cringe at the thought of which of how

difficult we have been for her to adjust to. The truth is,

each family has it’s own unique flavor, so to speak, that

is comfortable and tasty to it’s members. Yet, others

may find it rather unpalatable. I’m laughing at the thought

of a conversation I had recently with my best friend Leslie.

Who was reminiscing about her first visit with Laynce’s

extended family in Arkansas. They are country people

that lived way back in the woods. The grow and hunt their

own food, tan animal hides, make soap and cook on a wood

burning stove.  Anyway, at mealtime the family got into

a big discussion about which meat was there favorite;

Rabbit, Squirrel or Possum. She listened to the ‘round table’

discussion, hearing more than she wanted to know and

feeling certain she was filming an upcoming episode

of the Twilight Zone.

Yes, becoming a family can be tricky and takes a little time but

when everyone exercises the ‘golden rule’ and treats each

other with love and respect. Extending grace, with the ‘long

arms of God’, we’ll find ourselves apart of something

amazing.  A little taste of heaven, here on earth.




I love our daughter –in-love! She is beautifully unique and

brings a lot to the table. Her petite stature is power packed

with good things this family needed. She posted the above on

instagram this morning. Her focus, discipline and dedication,

are unmatched. While following her dreams, she generously

encourages others along the way. Jenny is a champion.

We are so grateful for our grown children...all six of them!

They are enriching our lives.


Isabel said...

As always I enjoy your fun inspiring post:O) Hugs Isabel:O)

Lisha said...

I have checked in many times on your blog over the years...when you were in Abilene and now in Temple. I have a daughter in Waco and saw that you visited some of my favorite places also!!We have some of the same interests and I have always enjoyed your blog. Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to also start a juice fast.I know that as I go back and read your journey, it will be encouraging to me. Thank you Roxanne, and I know you will reach your goal!

Jenny Spradlin said...

I just saw this sweet, Roxanne!!! So happy to be a part of your journey and a part of the Spradlin family :) Love you!