Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Antonio!


Like the busy weekend we spent in San Antonio, my head is spinning! While Coach was speaking at a football clinic, I hung out with my girls and bff, Leslie. Friday night we cooked out at Beth and Nate’s.  Don’t worry, I juiced and ate salad. It was Laynce and Leslie’s first time to see the Saxton’s new digs. I was great spending time together, catching up and seeing all the g-girls new tumbling tricks. With a quick demo by Aunt Kim, headstands (against the wall :/….sorry about any footprints, Beth) became to new thing. Grilling in the backyard and visiting around the pool, was an amazing way to spend the evening.

Saturday, we all met near downtown at the Pearl Brewery. What a cool place! The farmers market offered beautiful veggies, grass fed beef, lovely crepes, baked goods and much more. Too bad no one was juicing! It’s at times like these that I miss eating. I mean, I am eating some vegetables and fruits, even a few almonds, even a spoonful of good peanut butter on celery or apple, every once in a while. But that morning, I missed having a bite of this and a taste of that. Which is okay, I know it sounds harsh but really it’s good for me. I'm one of those people that in the past has exercised little restraint. It's apart of  learning to think right about food and make good decisions. Be happy for me. It’s a good thing….but I do think it would be awesome for someone to juice those beautiful veggies and sell fresh juice. Which reminds me. I recently purchased my first glass of juice from a Jamba Juice. After weighing my options, I ordered 12 oz. of carrot and orange juice. Plus, a shot of wheat grass. My first. The carrot/orange juice was great but the wheat grass was tough. With hind sight, I should have combined the three. Nutritionally, it seemed like a good choice but I was a bit surprised that it cost over $9. That’s expensive!

Juicing, your own vegetables is a much better value. Even though I’m spending  a lot more money on produce, mostly organic, I’m not spending much at Starbucks (Refresh tea) and Chikfila (garden salad- no dressing), anymore. Even though there are healthy options at both, you get my drift? And I can’t help but imagine that a family that makes nutrition a priority, will spend less money on medical and dental bills. It’s something to think about. ‘I’d rather put my paycheck in the crisper than the medicine cabinet. Sadly, most Americans load up those shelves with expensive “magic bullets”. Truth is, ‘your crisper holds the real medicine.’ Kris Carr


Still juicing and celebrating the loss of 25 pounds, I’ve cleaned out my closet. Over half of my wardrobe is too big! Though the loss of pounds seems to have slowed down, I’m shifting me focus onto health and nutrition…and exercise. It’s a new way.




One of my favorite juices!

1 pineapple, peeled

1 bundle of cilantro

6 Swiss chard leaves

6 kale leaves

3 broccoli stalks

1 green bell pepper

1 romaine heart

1 English cucumber



Karin said...

The grilled corn at La Gloria Ice House at the Pearl is TDF. Could you have eaten that? Maybe not. They put cheese and butter on it. Bad for you! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns, though! Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels! Maybe you will put your juicing recipes together on your recipes blogs sometime in the future. I'm gong to try them all :) I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us in blogland.

Roxanne said...

Karin! What a lovely surprise. I just came in from working in the flowers beds and saw I had a comment. I love comments!:)

Ooooo, the corn sounds amazing! Perhaps in the future because I certainly plan to go back!

What a brillant idea to put the recipes all together in one place! Can you tell I don't organize well?
I wonder if I could put them under a tab or perhaps on Coachette's Kitchen...right next to Fudgey Chocolate Pie:/ Suggestions?

Kim Spradlin said...

Dear Mom,

You look STUNNING in this pic with Les:)

Anonymous said...

I second Karin's idea to group your juicing recipes somewhere on your site. Could you give us some detail on washing and storing all the fruits and veggies?

Are you still using your original juicer you bought when you began your juicing journey? Just wondering how it is holding up.

Such an amazing photo of your "old you" clothes piled high in the chair. What an inspiration you remain!,,,

You exude joy, peace and love through your blog, Roxanne. Keep sharing as you are making a difference in my little world. Thank you sooooo much!