Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magnolia House

Finally, we're in our house! It is a beautiful home.....solid and well mantained. In the days ahead I'll be unpacking lot's of boxes and assembling all of the rooms in the house. I'll be taking pictures and sharing my progress. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions along the way.

After closing last Tuesday, Coach and I headed to the house (built in 1970), to begin painting. We had 36 hours to paint before the movers arrived. So I jumped right in and tackled the three large areas. I painted the Family Room, our Master Bedroom and the Entry/ Living/Dining. I finished the last area at 3:00 am of the morning the movers arrived.

The color is Sherwin Williams, Amazing Gray. I had it mixed at the Benjamin Moore store with their brand of paint. Pretty, huh?

After being out of our home since February, move-in day was a big deal. I've had plenty of time to decorate in my mind but it was so exciting to watch the furniture arrive, one piece at a time.

Each additional item adding interest and dimension.

Hanging art and accessorizing put the finishing touches on the room.

Same old furniture in a new setting....makes all the difference.

It was a fun day seeing everything come together.

Beth, drove up for a few days and provided energy and enthusiam. She completely unpacked and organized my kitchen. Encouraging me to let go of all of the excess dishes and decor, in order to better access the essentials. As you might imagine this wasn't easy. In fact it was exhausting but Beth was patient. Explaining her way of thinking and challenging me to change.

She was a tremendous help and inspiration. I'm so grateful, Beth for your help. You made unpacking fun! Thank you so much.

The room has taken on a nice feeling. I'm trying to decide how to describe it.....maybe Modern Country?

I really like the way the wall color turned out. Fresh and airy. Yet, serene.

More rooms to come........

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Closing Day...countdown!

A big thanks to you girls who left ideas and suggestions for the welsh cupboard. Y'all have the best ideas and were so helpful! I can't thank you enough. I'll share the finished product at a later date.

It's been a fun but busy week in our new home town, Temple Texas. There are so many things I like about this special place. Though it's population is a big 66,000, it's small town atmosphere is warm and endearing. Never have I felt more welcomed!

Last Tuesday, I visited the Farmers Market for the first time. Located downtown under an open air pavilion, I was thrilled to find such a colorful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

With closing day quickly approaching, I took advantage of this last week at the farm to paint these hand me down rattan chairs. I'm always amazed at the difference a coat of paint makes.

Speaking of furniture. Cassi Dunnam and Katie Galusha ( Wildcat wives) and I drove to Round Rock to do a little 'window shopping' at Ikea. What a unique concept. You really feel like your in another country! We got a lot of ideas and agreed to go back next month when we know what we need.

I dropped by our soon to be house and met Sally Myers and Julia Symmonds on Bell County Estate Sales, who were preparing to sell. They were so kind and thoughtful and gave me the opportunity to come inside and ponder paint colors, measure spaces and plot furniture arrangements. I was so happy! Thanks Sally and Julia for being my newest friends! I look forward to seeing you often.

I can hardly wait until Tuesday, when this lovely house becomes our next home. From the curb to the creek it has 'big time' charm! Lot's of wow!

The flower gardens, designed by the seller and popular Texas State of House of Representative Dianne White Delisi, are dazzling! It will honor to care for her blooming creation. I've got my work cut out for me but I know I can do it.

As if the house, gardens, yard and deck are not enough there is an amazing greenhouse in the backyard. Seriously. It is awesome.

What a great house. It will be the perfect place to live out the next chapter of our life.

I'm ready.

Friday, June 10, 2011


OK! I have a question for all you friends and followers? Please don't dissappoint me. I need you!

While coach and I are waiting oh, so patiently, to close on our new house on June 21st, I'm plotting and planning paint colors and furniture arrangements and 100 and 1 other details. After three weeks of packing, moving, garage selling, and decorating Mimi and Papa's new home, I'm exhausted! Yesterday I took a day of R & R and found 2 great junk stores yesterday in the downtown area. I was just looking really, when I ran across this:

It is a reproduction Welsh cupboard; 6 1/2 feet tall, 7 feet wide and only 17 inches deep! I got excited about using something like this! Great display possibilities and accessibility, without taking up too much floor space. I have a lot of old white English ironstone platters and plates I'd like to use.

I'm not crazy about the way it looks right now but could quickly see potential. I will definitely knock off the teapot and tea cup cut-outs on the center panel. So, back to my first question. What would you do with this?

I know you have all kinds of ideas, so please tell me!!!

Second question: Would you use it in the kitchen on this wall? We just purchased a 42" antique oak pedestal table to sit under the iron chandelier with four comfortable black rattan chairs w/ boxed linen cushions.

the walls are kind of a pale 'burnt butter'.

Or on this gray wall in the dining room? ( the furniture in the photo is not mine) I will have a long pine table with chairs under the chandelier.

I'd be so grateful for your thoughts and ideas. If you'd like to comment but never have....just click comment, share your thoughts, sign your name and hit 'anonymous'! Thanks so much!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Empty Nest!

Whew! Moving is tough! Like childbirth, you simply forget. For 2 1/2 weeks I packed and packed and packed. Almost everyday dear friends popped into help. They made it fun! They tried to help organize my move. Making all kinds of suggestions. However, in the end most boxes contained a random assortment... a lampshade, 3 large platters, an electric griddle, 2 pillows and a birds nest! We got tickled and laughed at the thought of unpacking. Last Thursday, Mr. DeLaRosa, sent 5 of his men to Abilene to load up our household. These patient men did a great job! Arriving at 8:30 am and gone by 1:30 am, I was left standing in amazment, in an empty house.

Thank you, Dianne, Boots, Susan, Jo Carol and Mary! You lightened my load and sweetened my bittersweet days.

After the trucks were gone I gathered up the leftover items and had a final garage sale.