Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today's painting!

Today's painting was composed of another vintage cup towel and 3 aging limes. Things went well. Quick, easy and lot's of fun!

Fast Lane
oil on linen ......... Three limes travel at high speed across a vintage cup towel.

They can hardly wait to get home and slip into something more Dos Equis.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting of the day!

Yesterday, my artist friend Mary Gregory, , told me about . So I checked out the site and found a group of talented painters that quickly paint a small painting everyday. Then they list and sell their work on ebay! The idea is to paint quickly with deliberate, loose brush strokes. To say more with less! I had so much fun! Love the colors .....and playful composition! This painting is titled....

Tick, tack, toe!

oil 8x10

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Paintings!

Since I got home from the Fredericksburg Art School, life has been a bit hectic. I've made progress in my garage/studio (almost complete), but some days it's just been too cold/windy to paint outdoors! (Plus the allergens, are keeping my nose red!) So one day, chomping at the bit, I drug everything into my kitchen, set up shop. I looked through a lot of photos and decided on the subject matter. Every April, on Whidbey Island there is a Tulip Festival in Skaggit. Now being a Texas girl, I'm use to seeing mile after mile of open spaces, planted with crops. Agricultural is a big part of the Lone Star State. Cotton, corn, maze, sorgham, etc. are a common site. But nothing short of the Wizard of Oz could prepare me for what I'd see at the Tulip Festival! Maybe it will save alot of typing if I just show you some photos. This is what you see while approaching...not bad..............and get!..........that's pretty...........and...........closer.....and trust me! These tulips are huge!...each one the size of you fist! And ten miles later've seen every color under the rainbow! Absolutely breath taking! So I decided to paint from these photos. I took a little something from here and there and this is what I painted first. And for those who'd like a close-up!......and look, there is even a signature! Then, because I was having so much fun, I painted another one.....and signed it too! Now they sit happily, side by side, waiting for a future together (sssshh....I've even heard there might be a wedding!). Footnote: I wanted to mention that the reason I got to see this lovely site was because Beth, Nate and Carter took me there, while I was visiting them on Whidbey Island in 2007. I took the picture (left) of Carter....and Beth took another one last year! I'll never forget it!