Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Closet Sale

Today, my friend Terrie, is having a fabulous closet sale and your invited!

Here is an invitation....and her business card.

You're going to love her house, but you'll like her even better!

Cute, huh?

Come on in...treasures await.

Inside and out!

A special thanks to Ross Bennett (a great guy), for curbside delivery of Floydada, pumpkins today. He even placed them on the porch for me and had several good ideas, as well! If you'd like some pumpkins for your porch, give Ross a call ... 806-777-5207. He even takes requests if you need something special.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bella Bridesmaid.....Austin, Grand Opening!

Attention all brides, mother of the bride and bridesmaids:

Last September, our daughter Kimberly and friend Cayce opened a beautiful store in San Antonio, called Bella Bridesmaid. Their designer bridesmaid dresses were so well received that they decided to open another store!

So last Thursday night, Bella Bridesmaid officially opened it's doors, in it's new Austin location at 5th and Lamar (West Elm, Whole Foods and Anthropologie, make great neighbors). It was a great evening and the store was packed with brides, family and friends and well wishers. Everyone enjoyed the live music by songbird, Ava and the cocktails and cupcakes by Vanilla Orchid. Austin photographer, Cat Peacock, was hand to capture the evening forever!

If your in the market for bridesmaid dresses drop by and visit or better yet, call and make an appointment. Bella Bridesmaid offers beautiful dresses, in an array of colors. The styles are classic yet modern and flattering to all shapes...there is something for everyone.

Call for an appointment. Lyndsay, will give you her undivided attention and help you find just what your looking for. These dresses are stunning. You'll definitely wear them again!

A special congratulations to Kimberly. The new Bella is beautiful, just like you. I'm so impressed and amazed! The are no limits on what God can do, with live's yielded to Him. My heart is full of joy for you and your future.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Carter!

There is nothing quite like a grandaughter. So, last week when Carter turned 5, I bee-lined it to San Antonio for her Candyland birthday party! Our sweet daughter Beth and amazing husband Nate went over the top to make Carter's day special!

Candy, candy, everywhere was candy!

Everything was bright and colorful!

From the Castle, to the Carter's Candy Shop...the giant Cupcake Pinata, to the cake and ice cream, there was plenty of fun for everyone.

We sang our hearts out for this adorable little girl, that's stolen our hearts forever!

"Happy Birthday, to you."
Just had to squeeze this in...I love this picture of Emme, Nate and his cute momma, Donna!

For more party ideas and great photos check out Beth and Company! This girl knows how to throw a party!...and I'm pleased as punch!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A fresh look! A home makeover.

Three years ago we moved into a charming 1937 Tudor Cottage. It was wonderful house from the very start, full of charm and character but recently we have made a few changes. I hope you are like me and enjoy seeing old homes because today, I thought you might enjoy a little tour around the place.

So come on in the back know the old saying, 'back door guest are the best'!

.....and look around. Here is the mudroom....... and a cute sign I made with rubber stamps! I love what it says! OH! What a glorious gift is Love! Fill your hearts and go! A nice thing to remember as your going out the door. Here's a peek at one of the spare bedrooms. It is very small but works nicely when needed.Here is the kitchen, sporting a new color. Benjamin Moore, linen white...just in case you need to know. And the other side. The formica is robin egg blue. And though we may replace it someday with granite, I've really enjoyed the color. Currently I've turned this old pine table and mis-matched hutch out into the room. Coach isn't a big fan of the look and looking at this picture, I'm not sure I am either. It does however, create a little nook where I can paint. What do you think?

ooops! You caught me! Pie for breakfast anyone?

As you leave the kitchen and move into the dining room you pass under this old shelf, salvaged from Brandy's parents house.

I I love the old clocks! I love chippy old stuff like this. It makes me happy!

Here is the dining room. I shown it before. I painted these walls 3 years ago when we first moved in, using and overhead projector.

I've really enjoyed this look. If you decide to try it, I have a few tips to pass on.

Here is a great old piece that coach bought at an auction, his first and only! Everyone wants it! My friend Dalia has lot's of great pieces like this at her store and her prices are amazing!
Framed botanicals!
The dining flows into the living, where we've turned a little extra space into a computer/reading niche. (tower, printer and a hundred wires are hiding under the skirted old table. No, we don't have floor plugs! Everything plugs into one power strip, underneath...and then very discreetly, three cords inside a fabric cord cover, quietly make their way to wall. (I abhor cords, but they are oh! so neccessary!) This is the first thing visitors see when they enter the room. The computer desk is incognito behind the sofa (oops! you can see those pesky cords, shhh!). There is a darling antique fireplace behind the two leather chairs, which we are currently not using. This room was a little tricky to set up because it is long and narrow. There is only one wall for a tv. I learned long ago, that Coach who requires very little, is a happy camper if he has a comfy chair in front of the tv! (...and that's why we are not using the fireplace, but somehow... it works!) I know it sounds tacky but behind the three old shutters is a door we've closed off. It went into a guest bedroom, which was a little awkward. The door is now concealed from both sides, which makes better use of the space and provides our guests more privacy.
Here is the side porch! It is so much fun, I wish everyone could have one. A porch adds more living space and what can I say, it's outdoors! It's a great place to drink coffee and relax. ...and when it rains.....sigh.....
The front of our house is on a boulevard which is not the best place to park. Fortunately we are on a corner lot and able to use this side entrance. What can I say? Old houses are full of charm and character. Which is a rather nice way of saying, cracks, quirks and flaws! ...just like me!

A special thanks to David who scraped, repaired, textured and painted for a month. You did an excellent job David! We can't thank you enough!