Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Last Saturday, a lot of people gathered to celebrate the life of one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. Doris Shead, was my friend. Really, the word friend isn’t adequate. She was a kindred spirit…more like family. Doris and I were a lot alike. We both loved Jesus, old stuff, estate sales and garage sales. We also liked to fix things up and sell them. We liked bright colors ( I couldn’t resist snapping the picture below) and pretty things. Doris was smart and clever. She was also a hard worker a had her own store called the Lydian Market. She took great pride in buying, cleaning and arranging merchandise for her store. Often arranged by like colors, tidy, organized and well lit, the Lydian Market was a great place to second hand shop. However, the best thing about this cozy little shop was Doris. She was everyone’s friend and would stop whatever she was doing to help someone out. She always had time for God and she always had time for you. She loved to listen and encourage people. Which led to what I believe was her greatest gift, intercessory prayer.  Bold and confident was Doris before the throne of God. Much like she’d been there and thousand times and had a standing invitation.To know her was to love her! Like many people, I certainly did. I will miss her dearly.

Her heavenly departure took me by surprise. Doris was bigger than life, very much alive and well but always ready for the day that her Father would take her home. There was no where she’d rather be. Which makes it much easier to be happy for her. No doubt, that Doris is dancing in the streets of gold!

I wasn’t able to be at her memorial last weekend. I heard it was beautiful and would have loved to listen to Doris stories and even share a few of my own but it wasn’t possible. So today, I am taking a much needed opportunity to share my heart concerning my precious friend.



Precious, Doris. What a beautiful reflection of God's love! Your willingness to  completely depend on God for everything, encouraged those of us around you, to trust Him more. You made Him a reality! You were always aware of His Presence. Continually seeking after Him. Talking, listening and worshiping Him. Gathering up His wisdom and truth, to share generously with anyone in need. God's goodness poured out of you, Doris. Giving glimpse of God's majesty which always ended in prayer of the mightiest sort.

A little part of me, wonders what will I do without you, Doris. We were soul sisters. Like little girls, we held hands and hearts and chased after God in wide eyed amazement! We laughed and cried, and laughed again!Celebrating His kindness and goodness. I will miss our long visit's. I will miss hearing you say with great enthusiasm, "Praaaaise, GOD!!!" and so many other things you said that made me smile. Doris, you were, no, you are so alive! Living a rich and abundant life in the midst of a dark and fallen world.


I am so grateful for our time together. You made a difference in me. I will treasure you in my heart and continue to praise the Father we both love so dearly. I will think of you often and look forward to the days ahead and the opportunities He will bring to share with others, like you shared with me.

Rest in His Glory, good and faithful servant.

I love you, Doris.



Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

I heard of Doris' home-going. So sad to hear and yet rejoice in her victory. Her grandson was one of my special kids and I cherished her support as we worked to raise him right! I'll miss her, too!

SYLVIANE said...

What a nice speech about your friend!