Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marta & Friends Antique Fair


Good morning, my clever, creative, chippy, junk loving friends!


With excitement and anticipation, I am pleased to


Marta & Friends Antique Fair!

November 9 & 10

9:00 – 5:00 ( or possibly later…)

10349 FM 439 Belton, Texas


Junque is alive and well in Central Texas!

Last March, I was fortunate to attend the first show

and instantly could envision the instant success and future

growth. I decided, right then and there, if there was another

one I’d be apart of it! Now, I’m no shop owner. I don’t even

have a booth but I love this sort of thing and can’t seem to

stop collecting treasures and creating decorative stuff. So, I’ll

team up with a few friends and give it a whirl!

The beautiful location for Marta’s Friends, the Texas Hill

country, is the permanent home to Marta’s Room Antiques, a

fabulous shabby chic boutique. Big trees, rolling hills and

gentle breezes. What a perfect place to spend the

afternoon shopping!

To join in the fun and reserve your own  space (30 x 30 for

$30, (can you believe it!)) call Marta @ 254-681-7752.


Don’t forget to mark your calendar. There’ll be over 40

vendors!…. Even food!

It’s going to be so much fun!

I can hardly wait!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Sweet Surprise!


Paula, is full of surprises! So how she and husband Hal, managed to keep a room ‘makeover’ a secret from daughter Kelsey, is amazing in itself! But when Kelsey, who had just returned from a Senior Trip to Colorado, ran upstairs, opened her door and screamed, they knew their mission was a success.


After two days of planning and one long day of installing. Paula, friend Jordan and I completed the project. Using mostly things on hand, it was definitely a team effort. We moved furniture, rolled out a rug (thanks' Nash!), cut, framed, hung, stapled, glued and arranged until the stars came out. Whew! 


And while we were creating a special space for Kelsey, she was on Pike’s Peak with her class. Funny that we happen to have this old photo which we included on the wall of vintage maps.


Vintage maps, old photos, plates, and  an oil painting by Kelsey's grandmother decorate the wall above a French chaise.


Happily, Kelsey, loves her room and enjoys spending time there. Which lead her to think of a surprise of her own…She cleaned out her closets, desk and drawers!

Happy Senior Year Kelsey! You will make an excellent senior class President! May God richly bless your path on the adventure ahead and remember that ‘Life is a Blue Sky of opportunity!


Attention all Junk Queens: There is treasure untold in Central Texas! Temple, Belton and Waco have great shops popping up here, there and yonder. There are great finds everywhere you turn. Here are my favorites this week!


I hope my family sees this Senorita . The same print hung in the entry of our A-frame lake house in the 60’s. Smile This large pair were priced $55 at Laverty’s in Waco!IMG_5631

Old bentwood chairs sport orange paint….Cameron Trading Company, Waco.


Estate sale………………………Laverty’s, Waco…………….Cameron Trading Co., Waco


Constant Consignment, $250, Temple


Shop’s of LaSalle, Waco…..Cameron Trading Co., Waco….Home Again, Temple


Shops of LaSalle, Waco, Tx.

Painting Pears


Last week, with the first hint of fall in the air, three friends joined me on the deck for a little painting session. Everyone grabbed a pear and colored paper and set up


their own still life. Everyone studied their subject well analyzing color, values, light, shadows and painted what they saw.  Didn’t they do a great job? I couldn’t be prouder!


Painting with friends is fun. You should try it!

Oh, Emme!


What a little darling you are! Constantly smiling and making us laugh. Saying the sweetest things like, “Thank you for sharing your house.” You add sparkle everywhere you go! Mitzi and Abby, love you too and appreciate the way you share your food and keep their dog dishes full. Just thinking about you makes my heart skip. Come back soon! I miss you already.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Dear Carter,
What joy you have brought into my life and the lives of our entire family. In seven short years you have brought laughter, amazement and happiness, galore! Your sweet face, voice and adorable ways melt my heart. I simply love everything about you! Happy Birthday, precious granddaughter. I love you, dearly.