Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 48 - Juice Parfait


After spending hours in the flower beds yesterday

it almost felt like spring. That is until a major artic

blast blew in, bringing 14 inches of snow in the

Texas panhandle and  very cold 30 mph. winds

here in Central Texas. We’re sitting around the

fireplace tonight! But Spring is definitely around

the corner and so is the end of my 60 day juice reboot.


Last week, with the end in sight, Kim cautiously

suggested, I consider adding a healthy protein

powder. Then last Saturday, Jenny and I spent a

fun, wonderful day together. Appointments at the

Woodhouse Spa, shopping in Waco and an informative

walk through Natural Grocers.  I asked Jenny lot’s

of questions through the day, and she too, suggested

that I begin to add back protein. She explained the

the benefits and after discussing this with Coach, yesterday,

I decided to eat 2 eggs, 1 turkey sausage patty and

1/2 c. of old fashioned oats with blueberries and cinnamon.

I enjoyed every bite.



So, officially my veggie juice fast ends on day 47. Wow!

What an accomplishment! As I reflect back over the

past 6 weeks, my eyes fill with tears as began to realize

what I’ve done. Not only have I saturated my body with

nutritious vegetables and fruit, cleansing and restoring.

I’ve also broken 100 bad habits as well. I’m so excited!!!

I am so grateful. So much has changed. Don’t

worry! Though, my fast has come to an end. My healthy

future, is just beginning. I will continue, to make thoughtful

decisions. Adding lean proteins and increasing daily work

outs to included T3 Boot Camp and begin lifting

weights. As of today, I’ve lost 28 lbs. and I am almost

halfway to my 60 lb. goal. I celebrate and resolve to

continue this journey. Determined to lose 35 more by

my birthday on May 14th! I believe this is realistic and

I know now more than ever, I can do this!


Day 48 – 28lbs. gone forever! I’m 35 lbs. from my goal!

The adventure continues!

Oh! The juice above was SUPER TART! Kind of like

sour gummies. I did manage to drink it but I wouldn’t

recommend it but today, I did juice up a fabulous concoction

which I’ll share in the next day or so. It was awesome!

Also,  I wanted to mention thank you for your thought’s,

prayers and comments. It’s really helped and encouraged me

along the way. And for the nice person who left an

anonymous comment a few days ago. I found that my favorite

way to wash and store veggies, was to wash them in a sink of

water as soon as I get home from the store. Some I store in

Ziploc’s but I also enjoy using a very large lidded Tupperware.

I’m thinking about how to put all the juice recipes together.

Feel free to make suggestions.


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Karin said...

Hi Roxanne! Yay for you! I am so impressed with your commitment to being more healthy and also your weight loss. I've really enjoyed getting to be a part of your journey. Have you watched the documentary Forks Over Knives? My plan is to follow this lifestyle The guy who wrote this is a firefighter in Austin. The cookbook is great (I bought it but I don't think you need it if you use the web site) but I love the web site for the recipes and support and the people. Maybe coming off of the juice fast, you might ease back into eating by following their 28 day diet plan (although I guess you can modify it since you probably aren't going for a plant and grains only diet. Either way, watch the video. It blew me away! Congrats again. You did good!