Monday, February 4, 2013

It’s A New Day!


Today is a new day.

It’s day 27!

I’m almost halfway through my 60 day juice fast.

What an adventure!



This weekend I’ve felt a little, well……solemn. I’ll admit I was tired. I don’t expect

any sympathy from you young momma’s. The truth is I spend a lot of time alone.

Moving at my own pace. Talking to me, myself and I. The fact that I raised three

children, each two years apart, remains. But I’m not use to a fast paced lifestyle

which involves children any more. I’m out of practice.





Last week when I got off track, I didn’t feel good. Which really got me to thinking.

Though many would disagree, by juicing and occasionally eating fruits and veggies,

I’m not missing a thing! Or I’m not missing any good things, for sure! So, with great

resolve, I move forward with my juice fast to finish what I have begun. I know what

last 27 days have brought but can’t help but wonder what the next 33 will bring.





It’s time to cinch my belt and battle. The new has worn off. The routine

has become a little mundane. I’ll look for a few new ideas! Maybe I’ll

make mild salsa in the blender and warm it up and serve with avocado.

The idea of soup is appealing.



The good news is I still feel strong and steady. Never weak or empty.

With mental clarity and a sense of well being.

My $30 juicer is hanging in there.

I’ve lost 18 lbs. (the 2 I gained last week went quick after I got home)

I can hardly wait to lose 2 more and make it 20, so I can turn right around

and go lose 20 more.




Green Gold

– because every time I drink these green juices, I                       feel like I’m doing my body a world of good!

1 Pineapple, peeled

2 bundles of fresh mint

1 entire head of celery

1 large seedless cucumber

1 small bag of spinach

handful of parsley

3 large swiss chard leaves

Juice, pineapple and mint first. Inhale the delicious aromas of each and take a little sip of this combination. Yum! Then add the celery and cucumber. Taste again (I like to do this and take notes for future juicing) and make observations like, ‘is it better or worse’? Of course, the object is to get a variety of vegetables into your body so it can do amazing things! At this point add the rest to the juicer. Pour 16-22 oz. into a pretty glass and enjoy. I believe you receive more benefits from drinking juice freshly squeezed but if there is any left over, pour it into a clean mason jar, fill it to the top, twist on the lid and refrigerate. Drink within 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Roxanne, I am VERY proud of you;). Chin up, you can do this!! Lisa Boyce

Roxanne said...

Thank you Lisa, for cheering me on!

karen said...

i have been very inspired by you, and don't even know you! but your attitude has been wonderful! it prompted me to buy a juicer, and i am loving it. every time i make a juice full of vegetable goodness, i feel i am being kind to my body. it may not always taste 'the best' but i can drink it because i know it is sure good for me! thank you for posting the daily-ness of your adventure. i really appreciate it so much!!

Roxanne said...

Exactly, Karen!A big glass of green goodness does not taste like a warm krispy kreme donut. Yet, the green is golden to our body and I'm sorry to say but the other is toxic. After spending most of my life DELIGHTING IN SWEET GOODIES it still saddens me a bit but now that I know, I'll never feel the same about pie :)

Several of my friends have bought juicers and are giving it a try. I'm so glad you are one of them. Health is a gift that we should not take for granted. It is to our great benefit to choose well the fuel we consume. I'd love to hear from you again. Here's to a healthy
us! And as they say in the jucing world,
Juice On!