Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good News!


Thank you for praying. God has been so faithful. I the midst of life's uncertainties it brings me great comfort to know without a doubt, we can trust him always! Today, I packed all day long. Actually, I talked all day long. My friends did all the packing! We started in the kitchen. Be glad you weren't there. I like dishes.

Thirty boxes down and many more to go!

That's a wrap!

Today, I'm posting my first ever video on my blog. I accidentally took this video of my kids laughing at their 'jumping' pics Seen below in the corn field! When I played it, it made me smile and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you can tell me why is it sideways. It is straight in the file I saved it to...puzzling, indeed!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Children of the Corn...

As promised, here are the pics Jenny took last Sunday afternoon. I LOVE this one of Carter walking through the corn.

What a perfect Mother's day gift!

Beth and Carter... precious.

Heart be still.

...a breath of fresh air.

...a budding beauty.

....a rose in bloom.

The end of a lovely day!


The beginning of some of some crazy stuff! Feel free to click onto to something else.

I hope my kids will always be silly and playful. . .

. . . and uh . . . a little scary psycho. I'm sorry if you find this disturbing. They really are playing.

I know because I was there but I didn't have a knife. My momma taught me better.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Last weekend Coach and I took a little road trip to watch the Temple Wildcat Baseball playoff game in Tyler. On the way I saw a sign that said, Kerens 4 miles. Instantly my eyes filled with tears and in about a nano second, Coach decided we would drop by and surprise my dad on our way back. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the drive. After the Wildcats won (way to go guys!) we headed back..... our destination Kerens, Texas. It had been way too long (eight years) since I had seen my father and even longer since I'd been to Rual Shade (20 yrs?). With directions (thanks Chris and Ryan!) we found the place and drove right up to the door, unannounced. With perfect timing, he came walking out the door with his cup of afternoon coffee and said, "Well what have we got here?" I smiled and said, holding back tears, that we just happen to be in the neighborhood and thought we'd stop by and see him. We hugged big! Hearts saying what words cannot. We pulled up chairs and took a seat under the giant oak trees, and we 'sat a spell' and tried to make up for lost time. He told us about his neighbors, his garden, the squirrels and raccoons. We watched the hummingbirds and enjoyed the breeze and after a couple of hours we left. Glad we had gone. I love my dad.


When I woke up Sunday, Coach said, 'Happy Mother's Day.' I smiled. He had already told me he would take me out for breakfast. A few days earlier I had been a teeny bit sad because our kids
had not mentioned a word about Mother's Day and I had begun to prepare myself for an uneventful weekend. Knowing they were all busy, I embraced them in spirit and thanked God for their love. Grateful for the many opportunities we do have to get together.

We drank coffee and enjoyed the morning at the farm. Coach took me to Meggs Cafe for brunch and I was happy. I really like this locally owned and operated bakery and cafe. Everything is so fresh. The atmosphere lovely and a little hip! As we walked in the door it was very crowded. My sweet husband grabbed my hand which I always love, and pulled my quickly past the hostess station. I didn't have much time to figure it all out because I suddenly saw my son, Clint and his wife Jenny! Of course, I started crying. Then I saw Kim and Beth! Nathan, Carter and Emme!!! It was too much! They all seemed so calm and normal but my head was reeling and heart pounding!

I thanked, Mike, from the bottom of my heart. He quickly assured me that he had nothing to do with it, that it was all our kids idea......he only did what he was told. :) My heart melted. I tried to explain to everyone how much this meant. How I would never forget! That I had never been so surprised, in my entire life (well, except maybe for the time my sister Lynnette jumped out of my closet and scared me to death!)

It was an extrodinary day! I've never felt more loved. Thank you precious family! I adore you people!!! I couldn't have dreamed you up!

After breakfast we headed to the Knight's wonderful farm for a little relaxation which quickly turned into some crazy fun in the cornfield. My kids are some of the silliest peole I know! Jenny, who is quickly becoming a great photographer, did a little photoshoot. I can't wait to show you! (patience please....she has to edit. She is a woman of excellence!)

It was hot so we all headed to Kool Kones for snow cones.

Jenny had Georgia Peach!

Thanks to you all for making Mother's Day 2011 such a awesome surprise! I loved every second.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coach and I are off on another adventure! Our cute house in Abilene is 'for sale' and we're in the process of making Temple Texas, our new home.

The Wildcats have welcomed us warmly...though we'll miss the Cooper Cougars and the friends that embraced us there. Change is in the air and excitement, around every corner as we adjust to our new surroundings. A new town, a new school, a new staff, a new house.....a new everything!

Currently we are living in a ninety year old farmhouse. Though cows and rolling green hills are nice, I miss my old life...or perhaps I miss it's familarity. Nevertheless, I'm challenged. Deliberately choosing to be thankful. Trusting God. Depending on Him to meet my needs. Remembering time after time that He is faithful.

Confident He will be again.