Saturday, March 31, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets!

bluebonnet field at dusk (credit=Larry Urqhart)_med

photo by Larry Urqhart

Take a drive this weekend!

the Bluebonnets are embellishing the Texas countryside!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Golden Egg


Hidden in a nest of twigs lies a golden egg. Remember Jack and the Beanstalk?

It was Clint’s favorite! He never got tired of listening to the Giant sing, “Fee fi fo fum,

fee fi fo fum. I’m the most amazing guy. I’m the most amazing guy alive! Fee fi fo

fum, fe fi fo Fee. FEE FEE!!! I don’t know no Fee Fee!

Treasured memories…like a golden egg, can turn up in the most unlikely places.


Golden Egg ………Acrylic on 18 x 24 stretched canvas. $275, plus shipping.

House of Fun!

What can be more crazy fun than the house of a young family? There are piles of laundry,

diapers to change, toys under foot, soccer practice, baseball games, homework, a fish to

feed and dinner to cook!


Cassi, a mother of three, has embraced motherhood with a smile. She’s celebrates

each day knowing how quickly her kids will grow up. I love Cassi’s house. Her ‘kid proof’ decor

shouts ‘fun’, the moment you walk through the door!


Way to go Cassi! You’re doing a great job! are a good momma.

You also have a new business!

All You Need Is Paint

I can’t resist spreading the word.


Need a new look? Let Cassi work her magic on your old out dated furniture….simply amazing!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nest On Pink


A twiggy nest on pink Baroque.

Acrylic on an 18 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas

$ 275 …plus shipping

Marta’s Room–First Antique Show!


Friday, I drove through the beautiful Texas

countryside over to Marta’s Room on FM 439,

between Belton and Nolanville. Marta has a beautiful

shabby chic boutique, that’s worth the drive any day

of the week but last Friday and Saturday, even more so.

Marta and 20 plus, junk lovin’ gal pals put on they’re

first ever outdoor Antique Show! It was a big success!

Great people, good stuff, amazing prices, in a gorgeous

setting. Everyone had a wonderful time and can hardly

wait to do it again, the first weekend in November. I

won’t be a bit surprised if it double’s it’s size in

vendor’s and quadruple's in buyers. It’s a homerun!!!


There's treasures a plenty and I bought quite a few!

A big thanks to Marta and all her friends for making

this show a reality. It’s easy to talk

and dream

and wish

and hope

but few take action and make it happen. I know a lot of

hard work went into this and I just wanted to pat you all

on the back and say ‘it was great!’ You did a beautiful

job! It was a treat to walk under the big trees and shop.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012