Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peachy Keen!






I hope you are having a nice Sunday afternoon.

After a good nights sleep,   which was accompanied by a big rain storm and a delicious new juice, my day has been just peachy!

I even painted! First one of the new year. I had so much fun painting this big peach. I titled it Peachy Keen.


As I type, I’m taking the last sip of a new juice combination. I’m surprised by it’s pleasant yet unusual flavor. If you like a lot of vegetables in your juice but like for it to takes sweet and fruity, you’ll like this one. The color is so pretty! A milky green, thus the name. The flavor of apple is dominant with a hint of parsnip…which I’ve never tasted until today. What a lovely vegetable. It is in the carrot family and rich in several health-benefiting phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Parsnips are so sweet, that next time I make this juice, I might try it without apples.





Really yummy! Fresh, sweet and delicious! I poured it over crushed ice and drank it with a pretty straw.


DAY 33 -  I’ve lost 22 lbs.!

I’m happy, happy, happy!


Anonymous said...

22 lbs!,,,,, I bet you love having baggy clothes! Very proud of you!

Do you purchase all of your fruit & veggies at HEB? All organic?

Thanks for your inspiration!

Roxanne said...

Yes! It's wonderful! I'd almost given up hope that I could do this. Today, I'm taking more than half of my closet to Shar's consignment,:)

Yes! I am buying mostly organic, at HEB. Sometimes, I'll make an exception on the citrus because I am peeling them. And sometimes on cucmbers because of the price but then I have a lot of scrubbing to do with soap and vinegar water. I can hardly wait for our local organic gardeners to start producung.

Thanks so much for commenting. It is encouraging to me. Next time, Id love for you to leave your name so we can be friends;)

Isabel said...

Congrats Roxanne:O) Have loved reading about your journey, love the new painting:O)

courtney said...

congrats on the -22 lbs!

have you looked into a CSA in your area? (Community Supported Agriculture)--or co-op? i know you'd probably need more fruits and veggies than what would come in your weekly box, but i know the CSA boxes are usually well priced for good fresh produce!

keep up the good work!