Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homestead Antique Fair–Hico, Texas


On Friday morning, Suzy Adams and I headed west to Hico Texas. It was a beautiful day and we laughed and talked all the way there! Suzy, is one of several new friends I have made since moving to Temple, last year. I am so grateful for her warm southern hospitality. She makes me feel at home. Which reminds of why we were driving to Hico for the Homestead Antique Fair. Homestead! An awesome store in an amazing building which originally began in Fredericksberg, TX.


Owners Mike and Brenda James, delight in finding unusual European antiques, furniture and vintage accessories! Homestead, housed in Hico’s beautifully restored Opera House, built in 1895, is a beautiful store sure to inspire and satisfy your creative taste. Homestead, named ’the 50 Best Stores in Texas’ invites you to visit seven days a week.


However, last Friday, my friend Suzy and I drove over and checked out the bi- annual, Homestead Antique Fair. Upon arrival, I marveled at the lovely architecture and historical significance of this town of Hico. It is charming, to say the least! Vendor’s lined the street but the ‘cream of the crop’ could be found situated next to Homestead under the Big Top Tent! Traditional, European, Shabby Chic, Industrial, Funky! They had it all.


Friend Mary Gregory, owner of Fig Marmalade, was selling her ‘tangy spread of artful goods’. While more friends, Jo Carol Spurlock and Carole Casey, were set up next door with their colorful collection of whimsical fun! Another booth that caught my eye was House Wren (below). Their collection of found objects, combined with earthy botanicals and an industrial edge, kept me coming back to drool….and consider plunking down my cash.


The vintage faux bois bird bath (below right) filled with water, driftwood, coral and sea fan kept calling my name. Alas, I chickened (cheaped) out and walked away hoping to create something similar but it won’t be easy because owner Nancy Govro, is a force to be reckoned with. Her decorative style is fresh inspiring!


It was great to see Linnie, Carolyn and Cheryl and bummed I missed Dianne and Heather! We had a delicious lunch at the famous Koffee Kup, complete with Strawberry Pie! It was a great day. Full of fun, with both new friends and old.


Speaking of new friends, look who came to visit Kim, last Thursday? Kat Edorsson! Click here for their latest adventure! A special thanks to Beth, for maintaining the Surviving Kim blog. Girl! You are a ‘dream sister’!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Early Bird

oil on canvas, 36 x 24 $900

Sunday, May 20, 2012

NYC–A Mother’s Day Ill Never Forget! Part 3

Sunday, May 13th was a Mother’s Day that I’ll never forget. Clint and Jenny started the fun with roses

and strawberry cheesecake! After breakfast the guys went to Ground Zero, while the girls hung out in

Kim’s room, listening to music and helping her get ready.


After she packed her bags and left we

decided to get some fresh air by walking to Central Park. While we were there we had a nice picnic

and conversation. When it was time to get ready we headed back to the hotel. The guys were back and

enjoyed their outing as well. After dinner we headed to the Ed Sullivan Theatre for an evening we’ll never

forget! We were seated on the end of the third row, right behind Christina’s family who was sitting behind

Alicia’s. They stage looked amazing. I almost felt like we were at Tribal Council. Watching the last two

episodes of Survivor was a bit nerve wracking but nothing would compare the way we felt when the

castaways and Jeff Probst took their places on the stage. Kim sitting front and center looked beautiful.

After a few minutes of talking Jeff wasted know time reading off the votes of the jury. He opened the first

card and said, “Kim, Sabrina, Kim, Sabrina, Kim, Kim. The 24 winner of Survivor One World is, Kim! kim-spradlin-center-is-crowned-sole-survivorScreen shot 2012-05-16 at 11_07_25 AM

Coach shot out of his chair, as I caught the expression on his face. Quickly, Kim was in his arms and he was

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 11_08_07 AM

lifting her off the floor. In jubilation, our hearts tried to explain what no words could adequately express.

We were laughing, squealing, hugging, running and jumping up and down! Trying to wrap our minds around

what had just happened. Kim went back onto the stage and everyone returned to there seat. Blown away,

we watched an listened as Jeff asked questions and the Cast answered. Everything from that point was a

bit of a blur and paled in comparison, we waited outside the theatre while she did a few red carpet

interview’s, anxious to hug her again! Then we headed to the Survivor Party which was on a hotel rooftop.

Though very crowded, Kim received an outpouring of handshakes, hugs and congratulations! After an hour

or so, Kim said she was starving and we landed in Carnegies Deli, which was great. IMG_0521It was 3:00 am when we

got back to the hotel and left for the airport at 4:15. Though we had to get back and Kim was in good hands

it was hard to leave her behind. It’s been a long year of secrets and mystery and now that its all over we

have lot’s of questions to ask and hugs to give! We didn’t get finish celebrating! Later when we settled into

our First Class seats (Thank you, Nate!) we fell fast asleep, waking off and on, talking and pinching ourselves.

Reliving the past year and thanking God from the bottom of our hearts. Thanking Him for His incredibly

generous, good plans. Not only for Kim, but for us all.


Watching our children grow up has been a rich a rewarding experience and now that they are adults

we are rewarded daily with the blessings of their lives. We are living in a continuous state of gratitude

for the wise, warm, responsible people they have become. Living their lives with integrity. Watching them

talk, work, play, laugh, love, parent, contribute to life around them makes us beam with happiness! They bless us!

Jeremiah 29: 11