Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Camp!

Recently cousin's Lyndsay and Eryn traveled to Abilene for an over night art camp! We began this fun filled 24 hours with a hearty lunch at the Beehive. Delicious chicken fried steaks and potatoes
are their specialty. Then we off for a little shopping! Stokes Chic Antiques, Classic Collection and It's About Time, topped our list. We even squeezed in a quick run through the local Salvation Army. Shopping left us thirsty so we grabbed a Sonic drink and headed back home to start our first craft, which was to make a apron. The girls looked through my fabric stash and made their selections. Using a ready made apron as a pattern, they cut out the body, strap, ties and pocket. Then it was time to sew. Both Lyndsay and Eryn had sewn before and did a great job!
Here they are, modeling their finished project! Aren't they darling? Lyndsay used a vintage pillow case to make an apron pocket. Eryn, embellished her's with a antique crocheted doily.
Nice job, ladies! I loved the shorter length they chose...very cute!
Without a break, we high tailed it downtown to my studio for art class. In a matter of minutes, we got everything ready and began painting shortly after 6:00. I was so impressed with these too. They took to painting, like ducks to water. I was so happy for them.

I was amazed at Eyn, 16. She was intense and focused and never once needed help. She was engaged and confident. I hope she will keep painting! She's a natural!
Lyndsay, also did a fabulous job! I loved the rich colors she mixed and the ease in which she painted. Brushes aren't simple to use but she made it look easy.
I also want to take this opportunity to say, "Welcome Home"! Lyndsay, whose been working at the Biltmore Resort in Arizona, has just moved back to Texas! Friends and family are thrilled she is back home. Best wishes in your next adventure!

At the end of class both Eryn and Lyndsay had finished their paintings
and had done so beautifully. Great colors and composition. I'm very proud of you. I had a blast spending time with you both!

Thursday, June 17, 2010 lucky day!

When I headed to Ardmore, Oklahoma this afternoon, I had no idea what a treat I was in for. I was going to Cloverleaf which, I'd read about in Country Living a couple of years ago. Upon arrival I was delighted by the street appeal! Bright pink bikes outlined the entire property.
Parking the truck, I nearly hyper ventilated!
This place is like no other.
Every few feet had me ooo & ahhing.
It's like an amusement park for grown girls!
Pure fun at every turn! Everywhere there is pink
Pink, pink and pink! Apparently owner Heidi Chapman's favorite color. Check out her ride!...
and her vintage travel trailer.
Outside there was layer, upon layer of treasure.
I didn't know where to start.
Inside, there was more magic! One fabulous vignette after another!
So many of my favorite things gathered in one place.
Old Gringo Cowboy Boots, faux bois,
old tire planters painted fun colors,
big fish bowls full of assorted collections,
locker baskets,
and a chippy cabinet full of cubbies.
A great mix of old and new. This cleaver collection of crazy cool stuff made me wonder about the owner.... and what a fun person she must be! Much to my surprise, five minutes later I was visiting with her.
Meet Heidi Chapman! What a treat! She even shared her dessert with me......
The whole place was way over the top ( just the way I like it) and I had a blast!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Art Class

The girls gathered to paint again yesterday. It's been two weeks since I posted their birds nest. You might recall how proud of them I was that day, realizing that they had turned the corner from beginner to painter. It hasn't been easy but their consistence and perseverance has paid off. Yesterday, we studied the style of Kim Parker. A contemporary artist that paints colorful flowers in her own unique, lyrical style. She is a class favorite! Several have read her book and treasure it. I have never met Kim Parker, but I know by the way she paints that I like her. Truthfully I consider her a friend, site unseen. Here is the study I painted (....... please excuse my toes, I am not a foot model).

Here is the girl's art! I smile every time I see this photo. I love everyone of them! The girls and their art.
Thanks Kim Parker for inspiring us with your heart and your paintings.
Feel free to pop in and paint, anytime.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biscuits and Jam!

Today I am making jam and don't try to talk me out of it!

I know it's going to take all day. I know it's going to be hot and messy and in the end I'll probably have only a dozen little jars of jam and a sticky kitchen floor! Wish you were here Beth!

But what else was I going to do today? Besides paint, plant, unpack and pick up!

Besides plums are all over my backyard!

Thats right! I've got one fruitful little plum tree which provided blooms at Jenny and Clint's March wedding, survived a late freeze, gave Boot's all the 'green plums' she could eat and now lot's of ripe ones for me to make jam!

Thank you little tree. You have definitely earned your keep!

I'm also making bread today.

Don't you wish you could be in my kitchen this afternoon when warm jam meets hot bread....I'm just saying!

In case you prefer biscuits with you jam, I just posted a recipe for Cream Biscuits on my recipe blog, Coachette's Kitchen. I made them last night for the first time. They were quick and delicious!


In closing I want to thank Rachel Lake for letting me borrow the image above. It is befitting! And at the end of the day, I'll take a picture of me and my jam!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a happy camper!

My Coach is one fun guy! He really knows how to keep me hopping. One week ago today he called me and said, "Hey! How'd you like to go to Ruidosa (N.M.), on Monday?"
So, after a very busy weekend, we loaded up the truck, dropped off the dogs at Ms. Tina's and headed to the mountains. Six hours is a long drive but with my guy singing me songs and my deleting pics from the 1,999 photos stored on my iPhone, the time passed quickly! Don't you love vacations? Both planned and unplanned and especially when it involves picturesque scenery and fragrant pine air.We've had so much fun relaxing on the balcony of our room at The Inn Of The Mountain Gods. Here is the view! After chilling awhile Coach decided to visit the casino and play a little poker. I headed downtown to meet up with my 'bff' Leslie, who just happen to be in Ruidosa too! So Michelle, Lyndsay, Leslie, Erin, Patti and I shopped, lunched and laughed our way around town.

We had so much fun! And to top things off the weather was perfect! Partly cloudy skies and scattered showers kept things nice and cool.

After shopping downtown, we headed to the Emporium, which is a big 'antique mall' on the highway to Cloudcroft. These dos amigos were having lot's of fun trying on hats and scary masks. Yikes!

Everyone found a treasure or two. Lyndsay picked out several pieces of mid-century modern furniture for her new apartment.
When the stores closed and the sun began to set, we girls headed to The Inn of the Mountain Gods where 'six girls' met up with Coach for a leisurely dinner on the deck. Friends, food and fun! One of my favorite combinations.

Tomorrow we'll head back home to the triple digit heat we've been having! But we'll bring more than luggage and shopping bags.....rested bodies and relaxed minds and some new memories to put in our scrapbook of life! Thanks Coach (can't wait to see what you dream up next)!
Hope you have a little vacation or two on the horizon. If not, I pray you'll get creative and make a little magic of you own! If so, I'd love to know!

Just had to share this sweet picture of Emme, now 4 months old. Isn't she precious! I love being a g-ma!
Bet you can't guess how much she weighs?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art Babies!

...sniff,'s a proud moment. My 'art babies' are all grown up! Where did time go? It seemed only yesterday they were beginners. Learning to mix colors and make painterly strokes and hold their brushes with confidence. Their bright eyes eager to learn, won my heart. Their desire to create beauty, touched me! Their enthusiasm was contagious! I took delight in watching their progress. Though messes they did make, I assured them frequently, 'we can fix anything'! When we met yesterday to paint, just like ever other week, I didn't know that today was 'graduation day', but half way through the class, one thing became apparent.... my art babies were growing up! Way to go ladies! You are painters now! You have improved immensely. I'm so happy for each of you. At the end of class, I took photos of their work so I could share them with you. Here they are!Joann, your bird's nest is beautiful! You got everything right! Marsha, your painting is beautiful! Rich in color and drama.Boots, your painting is beautiful! Fresh and natural....full of grass and sunshine!
Aren't they wonderful?
I just can't get over it....and as if that wasn't enough for one day, the night class stepped up and did their best work ever!

Here are the roses that Sharon and Molly painted last night!
This was Sharon's first time to paint roses. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?
...and Molly did an amazing job on her 'pink roses'! You did a great job of adapting your colors from white to pink. Simply beautiful!
Congratulations, ladies! You are now officially painters. I'd love to present each of you with a cap & gown, I mean, smock & beret! And as you walk into the future may your eyes be opened to the incredible beauty with surrounds you! Set your goals high. Paint often! And most of all remember, "Life is a blue sky of opportunity"!