Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogging break!......literally:/

A couple of months ago I dropped my laptop on the floor and shattered the screen. Instantly, I said, "We'll, I guess I won't be blogging anymore" and I put it away in the cabinet....just like that!

I'd be lying if I said I haven't missed it because I a 'show and tell' kind of girl!  For example, yesterday I made a really cutr burlap door hanger.....  my favorite yet! I would have liked to have shared it on a blog post but without my laptop, I'm clueless! This technical world we live in can be so fun and frustrating at the same time. At this very moment, I'm typing from Coach's iPad and have no idea how to post a picture and to make matters worse, I have no one to ask:( Yep, I having a little pity party this morning! However, it won't be able to last long because I'm surround by people who have far worse problems. Like my precious friend Jo Carol, who surrounded by loved ones is fighting what maybe the last days of her battle with cancer. Or my wonderful Mother, who dealing with slow loss of memory and a bright mind.  Also, my friend Tamara, who is picking up her 20 year old son this morning, whose been in prison. Though, she and Taylor are thrilled beyond words for a second chance at life! They have a lot of challenging hurdles ahead of them. On the top of the list is turning a 3 room shack in the country into a functioning home. I love DIY but this is overwhelming! With cold weather coming, very little help and money, but you can't believe how excited they are to have an opportunity to be free and live on a farm:) Will you please pray for them all? I am so grateful that God is good, alive & well on planet earth!  I'm singing....I really am.....
           Praise Him, praise Him all you little children. God is good. God is good!
           Praise Him, praise Him all you little children......God is good.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know why my blog came to a screeching halt and that I'm trying to figure out whether to repair a 6 year old Dell laptop or save up for a new one?

A quick update: Our house is still for sale. lots of interest put no contract as of this morning.
After months of splurging on dessert, I've gained 10 lbs. but don't worry! God has given me a sound mind and choice. I will not be gaining 11.
Coach and the Wildcats are on a roll! After a rough start, they have become a strong team. A band of brothers! If we win either of our next two games, we're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.
Our family is doing well......much to be thankful for:)

Hope you all are in a good place, are happy and know you are loved. If not, please whisper the name Jesus, give Him your heart and all your cares. Believe and Trust Him.....He is really is our only hope! He has power and authority over heaven and earth. He will hear you and help you.
Thank Him, in advance, for His love, forgiveness and goodness.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BIG week!

IMG_6774burlap appleIMG_6707

On Monday, Carter started back to school! It’s hard to believe she’s in the 2nd grade but she got

in Mrs. Miller’s (the teacher she had hoped for and several friends in her) class. So, I couldn’t

help but get out the burlap and make Mrs. Miller a little something for her classroom. A little

thank you. in advance from one very grateful grandmother.  I also painted my 1st cow portrait!


Clint and Jenny, flew to Maui for a little tropical vacation and which they happily shared with

Jenny’s adorable parents, Joe and LinhSmileFrom the pics, Maui must be one of the most beautiful

places in the world!!!


With the mountains on their minds, Kim and Bryan, spent the week in  Aspen, Colorado, where

Bryan and Tommy, competed in the annual MotherLode Volleyball Classic.



Then on Friday, Beth and Nate. Carter and Emme survived a car repair fiasco and a 4 hour

traffic jam to cheer on the Temple Wildcats season opener! Thank you so much for coming! Y’all

made the weekend more fun!  The blue front, white back magic was in the air as the CATS fought hard for

their 700th win!


A special thanks to our MiMi and PaPa, Joyce and Bill Barnett , for driving over from Sun City,

to celebrate the first Wildcat victory of the 2013 season!

It was an exciting week for our family and this one looks great, too! Kim and Bryan, after waiting 2

months are moving into their remodeled 1947 home and of course I can’t wait to help! Then on

Wednesday, Kim, who is expecting in January, will have a little ‘gender reveal’ celebration!!! …any guesses?

On Friday, Kim will start her new job at KENS5, Great Day SA TV program! One fun thing after another!

Then Friday night is football time and the Wildcats will head over to Austin to play Westlake High School!

Yep! It’s going to be another great week!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unforgettable Girls!


As summer vacation comes to a close, I  find myself reminiscing over the past few months and have to admit some of my favorite memories involve my little grand girls, Carter and Emma. Who recently came to visit for several days. As always, I enjoy every minute we spend together. Trying my dandiest to make  memories that will last a lifetime.


One day, by request of Carter, we rolled up our sleeves and went into the green house to create Cassette, better know as trash art or mosaics. I was so impressed as both girls, with confidence, made their selections and began working on their own little masterpiece. This was Emme’s first time to successfully master the concept and the mechanics. I was delighted with her completed projects…and so was Emme!


Carter, with the confidence of and old pro, created her mosaics to date!


They had so much fun! And I loved watching them. Just as Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”




Another day we played dress upSmile


They even talked Pops into joining them!


They also painted on a recent sketch I printed onto canvas….a bit like a coloring book page. Though Carter  enjoyed this activity, Emme lost interest halfway through.


After several requests, we drove downtown Temple to the pet store. I do believe the girls would spend hours in this place. There is nothing quite like looking at fish, turtles, snakes, exoctic birds and even better, feeding koi, petting hamsters and letting birds climb up your arm to sit on your shoulder.


Ruby, the Macaw parrot dropped a red feather which we were given to take home. Below, is a baby MaCaw!


If you are a pet fan, I highly recommend this amazing and super friendly pet store.


Emmerson’s face says it all!!!

Back home we spent hours playing in the tree house/fort! The girls took pillows, blankets, books and brooms up the stairs to clean up and decorate their, “apartments”!


Our days were full and fun. Laughing and playing!


When it was time to go home, the girls took new art home with them to hang in their rooms. Two cute mermaids for Emme! …She’s hugging them!




And Carter requested a pink peacock for her roomSmile