Thursday, February 21, 2013

Always Changing!



Which do prefer? Change or no change? A few days ago my bff Leslie was here and we were looking at magazines and brain storming about our homes. BTW this is something I do rather continually, for I love change. At some point I heard Leslie say, nothing ever changes at her house and that everything stays in the same place.



So which one do you prefer?


I think I’ve mentioned it before, that we’ve lived in 16 different houses. I guess it’s good I like change, huh? Coach, is usually responds to my latest “change” with, “Have you just about got things like you want them?” Which ruffles my feathers a bit because I assume (not always a good thing) he means ‘Stop moving things around’!


Here is the latest change. After painting the old stereo cabinet two weeks ago and having so much fun with the easy to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax, I took on this plate rack I bought last month for $40. Of course, I’ve already told you that ASCP cost $40 a quart but I barely made a dent in the can of paint. This color is called French Linen. Like the last project, there is no prep and no priming necessary, just start painting like a wild child. That’s right. Slap it on quickly and apply a second coat if needed. Finish up with wax and steel wool to rub off the edges for that distressed, well loved look.


Can you tell how much fun I had filling it up with old treasures that were tucked away? I smile every time I walk by. I’m so excited and I’ve also figured out a perfect response just in case Coach asks me THE question.


I’ve got my answer ready. It’s simple really. Here it goes…. (don’t expect too much here)…..The answer is “No. Truth is, I’ll probably never stop changing  things around. Because, just like your football program, I’m always thinking of new and better ways to improve things. I love tweaking our home to make it more comfortable, livable, efficient and attractive. Trust me, if and when I get it right, I’ll be glad to stop, but until then. Bear with me. It makes me happy. It’s one of the ways I say, “I love you”.

Isn't that the truth? Using our gifts, brings us joy. Although, others may find it annoying. However, when they realize there are good intentions woven into the craziness, I think it will may a difference. Change the way they see things.

I know he will completely understand the analogy…because he is constantly looking for ways to improve and perfect his program/team. Or at least I think he will. I’ll let you know:)

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Stacey said...

I confess that when I get something fixed it tends to stay the same way. Probably too long. I would like to be a changer and am working on that. You inspire me.