Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Kimberly Brooke! It’s hard to believe you are 30 years old today. Already you have managed to cram more into your life than most do in a lifetime. Brave and confident you move through each day with a bounce in your step. Freely sharing your big smile and His love, truth and joy with everyone you meet. Your zest for living life to the fullest is so inspiring. Even contagious. Your passing out hope. Helping others believe that the even the impossible, is possible.


Happy Birthday, Bethany Ann! It’s hard to believe you’re 32 today! You too, have seen plenty of adventure. Ten years of married bliss, two babies and more moves than I can count. Not always a fan of plans unknown, you have amazed me with your spontaneity and flexibility. You are clearly a woman of beauty and grace. Which, coupled with your terrific organizational skills, keen design eye, logic and practicality makes you an exceptional CEO of your awesome family.


Even after all these years, I’m still ‘wowed’ that both you were born on the same day! You are special sisters. Both of you have blue eyes, are strong and beautiful. Smart, kind and wise. Competitors, yet compassionate. Similar but different, each of you sport your own unique sparkle. You girls really know how to shine. At home, work or play. You are finding real ways to make a difference in the lives of others. I, for one am thankful to be a recipient of your thoughtful words and deeds.


I’m so happy you are spending a wonderful day together, in NYC. Even sweeter that your sharing it all with Cayce. Enjoy every minute and come home soon. We miss you in Texas!


Happy birthday, precious girls!

I love you both with all my heart. So does, Dad! I know we’ve told you a lot, but we are so proud of you both.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Facelift!


Recently, when I was checking out my favorite blogs, I saw this on Miss Mustard Seed Interiors. She had painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Which I’ve been reading about for a few years. Though, I don’t like the idea of buying a $40 quart of paint, I decided to buy several colors plus the clear and dark wax. Anyway, I couldn’t get the picture above out of my head and decide mimic the look in a corner of our breakfast nook. So, I measured the spot and headed out to find a similar piece when I realized I had something that would work sitting out in the garage:) I had picked it up off the curb months ago and now it was buried under lots of other old treasures. I’m not going to lie to you, I had to rearrange the garage to get this old cabinet. It was a mess! Like me. Maybe that’s why I love salvaging things headed for the trash.


Once upon a time this old cabinet housed a record player and maybe a radio. It was pretty rough but with a power screw driver, I made a few adjustments and drug it into the kitchen to make sure it would fit. By the time I was ready to paint, it was midnight and excited to get going I jumped right in!  In case you don’t know. The big plus of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, is that you need not prep the furniture. Unbelievable! ….and that’s why people are paying so much. So, by 2:00 am I was through painting and headed to bed. Next day, I sanded and waxed, finishing it by noon.


The colors I used were Old White, which I painted over everything first.  Duck Egg Blue on the thin molding and inside the only working door (great for platters, huh?) Country Grey on the cabinet inserts. When the paint was dry in about 30 minutes, I got 100 grade sandpaper and began rubbing  the edges. Which comes off nicely, with little effort. When sanding, I like to distress heavily in any  areas that might have gotten a lot of wear. In hopes of making the furniture look authentically antique.


I’ll show you the finished project in a sec but want to say I was very pleased with these paints and really look forward to using them again soon. If you like shabby, you’ll love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If you Google it, you can find lot’s helpful videos demonstrations, to bring you up to speed.



It was a fun weekend. Coach finally got some fish yesterday at Lake Bastrop! After fishing all day last Sunday and Monday without a bite, he was happy! Just thinking about fish makes me hungry but my hubby, unlike Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty ( we love this show!) like to ‘catch and release’ his fish. It makes know sense to me but he’s much smarter than me so I’ll just trust him with ‘fish conservation’ etc. Anyway, I decided to chew some of my veggies yesterday and made vegetable soup. Please, don’t gag but I still had a pumpkin sitting around from the fall décor. I decided to cut it up for juice (which I wouldn’t recommend) but I am happy to tell you it was tasty when sautéed and served in soup.



Back to the furniture makeover! I was so happy to walk into the kitchen this morning and see my latest project. I still cant believe how perfectly it fit. I’ve always had something small in this corner but now its reached it’s full potential.


Next up. The Welsh Cupboard I bought at Second Street Emporium, when we first moved in. I’ve always wanted to paint it  and now I’m ready to get started.



Happy Monday! Mine started off great with the loss of another pound. Yay!

DAY 20 – 18 lbs. gone!!!

It’s juice time!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

DAY 18–The Joy of Juicing!


This was really good. I made it for my friend Cassi the other day when she dropped by. It was amazing! Really. Almost too good. Which means it was very sweet. It made me wish I had dropped a few more veggies into the juicer. Perhaps, a sweet potato and a yellow bell pepper? Maybe a yellow squash or a romaine heart? Can you tell I’m thinking like an artist? I’m choosing vegetables that won’t alter the beautiful color :)


I used:

1 whole pineapple, minus the peel and green top.

3 tangerines, peeled

1/2 inch ginger root

Oops! I forgot.

1 red bell pepper, whole.


I can hardly believe it’s been 18 days! I’m finding a lot of joy in juicing. Here are just a few things that come to mind.

#1 I feel energetic and enthusiastic all day long.

#2 Juice is satisfying. I never feel hungry. I’m pretty sure my insides are giving me a standing ovation for the interior cleanse.

#3 Yesterday, I was able to wear a new pair of jeans that I’ve never been close to zipping. It was pretty cool.

If your overweight, unhealthy or not feeling good. You might want to consider rebooting your system by committing to a juice fast for a period of time. I so happy I did. To find out more visit

Thanks for stopping by and for all the prayers and well wishes . I no it’s not all that exciting to read about and I won’t blame you for avoiding my blog for a little while. It’s just something I’ve needed to do for a long time and haven’t been able to stick with anything.

Juicing has been so agreeable and pleasant that I must say, it feels like a miracle. Writing  and sharing about it helps too. Like fanning a flame. So thanks again for your interest and patience. I hope in the near future to be painting again and I wont be surprised if my art improves as well.

In the mean time, I’m blown away that this once upon a time sugar fairy hasn’t had as much as a chocolate chip in 18 days. Perhaps more amazing is that I haven’t even wanted one.


Praise God! He is so good to help me. A few people, just trying to be sweet have said, 'give yourself a little credit. The truth is, we all know ourselves all too well and when we are suddenly able to do something we’ve never been able to do, we’re wise to thank the One who deserves our praise.  

I’m a happy girl…and it’s not just because I’m feeling great and losing weight. It’s because I  am loved! Unconditionally. It’s because I’ve been forgiven of every disgusting, mean and evil thing I’ve ever done. I am so grateful for God’s goodness, delivered through His precious son Jesus. Who I love and trust with all my heart, soul and mind. We go back a long way. I haven’t always known Him but He’s always known me. Watching, listening and whispering in the quiet of the night His love for me. Hoping I will hear and believe Him. Hoping I will trust Him. I haven’t always, but I do now. He has saved me from disaster and heart wrenching pain, countless times. He has cleaned me up and mended my broken heart. He helped me to forgive those who hurt me. I am a new creature. Redeemed by Christ. Living life abundantly because of Him. Praise God, forever and ever.


Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Today is a special day because it’s our beautiful daughter(-in-love) Jenny’s, birthday! Isn’t she gorgeous! But she is much more than just a pretty face.

She has brains and backbone!
Strength, discipline, determination, commitment, drive and compassion are only a few of her attributes.


Spend five minutes with Jenny and you will quickly know this green eyed girl is going places!
fall costume 2012 039301555_594759676080_491619149_n

She’s done more in her young life than most ever dare to dream!
She’s ambitious yet compassionate!
Mysterious, quirky and likes to have fun!

Jenny, also dreams big! There is nothing she won’t try.

fall costume 2012 025422603_676596115200_337948898_n

Last June she had an idea!

She and Clint joined Camp Hero Fitness and went to work. Her trainer Brett Buckles remembers it like this:

I still remember when this shy innocent law student came to me and asked if I thought she could compete some day. She wondered if it would be possible in a year. 4 months later she placed first in the Dorian Yates show. Fourth in the Europa super show a couple weeks later. Then last weekend she placed first and won the overall in the Texas State Naturals all natural bodybuilding show. In May she graduates from law school to become a lawyer. Both her and her husbands work their butts off both in and out side of the gym. Going to school and working and winning shows. Real life examples of hard work! I could not be prouder to have them representing us here at Camp Hero Fitness!


No doubt about it. This girl is a winner!

And maybe one of the nicest things of all is she wants to help you be one too! So, in her spare time between work, law school, working out and taking beautiful photos, she loves sharing tips, advice and recipes to help others obtain their goals. Her discipline, determination and success is inspiring me and countless others to accomplish their own dreams.

So again, I say with a thankful heart …
Happy birthday, precious Jenny!

May all your dreams come true.