Friday, October 31, 2008

What a 'Treat'!

It's 10:30. The door bell has stopped ringing. Ooops! I spoke too soon. Just gave them the bad news....we're out of candy! Can you believe, since 6:30 we have given out approximately 2,000 pieces of candy? One piece at a time. Every year it amazes me how many 'trick or treators' we have here on historic Sayles Blvd. Frequently there was 20 or more people lined up down our sidewalk waiting for a sucker!
Earlier in the evening some of my friends, the coaches wives and their babies came over. After the kids got on their costumes we took off down Amarillo Street (a favorite!) About an hour later we were back at my house for stuffed baked potatoes, salad and Oreo Brownies. That's Lyssa, Parker and I started handing out the treats! We saw lot's of cute kids. There was a steady stream of spiderman's, princesses, and scarey faces. I saw only one Raggedy Ann, one Dorthy (Wizard of OZ), one Mermaid and one Cowboy....and only one E.R. Doctor with a costumed Yorkie, named Rookie! Lyssa was a real trooper and wouldn't stop until it was all gone. Even then she managed to find a few more litle candy stashes to pass out. FINALLY!!! EVERYTHING WAS GONE. The bowls were empty. When the doorbell continued to ring, Lyssa pulled a white stool up to the door, pushed the mail slot open and announced, "We're out!"
Oreo Brownies
WARNING: High in fat. High in sugar. Super simple!
1 Brownie Mix, prepared according to box, and spread into a greased 13x9 baking dish.
1 lg. pkg. of Oreo's, press a single layer of cookies into brownie batter and bake accordingly. Do not overbake.
When done, cool. Frost with a can white icing and garnish with crushed Oreo's.

note: Tonight, to make matter's worse, I used the orange Double Stuffed Oreo's. Yike's!

Trick or Treat!

My, how time flies! It seems only yesterday that Carter was a tiny baby,
dressed in her first 'Trick or Treat' costume. She looked so funny! I called her 'Pope Pumpkinhead'! The next year when she was 1, she was the sweetest pink kitty cat. I love this photo!
Then last October, Beth and Carter, were visiting Texas and we had so much fun carving pumpkins,
turning Carter into a bumble bee
and 'Trick or Treating' with Lyssa and Parker.
Who helped her out and showed her how it was done!
What sweet kids!
We live in a historic neighborhood and walking down Amarillo Street is such a 'treat'! The beautiful old homes, many with large porches are gorgeous.
Afterwards, Carter shared some candy with Pops!
A memorable evening, out on the porch...
This year I'll be enjoying the evening with my sweet friends 'the coaches wives' and their precious children. I can hardly wait to post all the cute pics I'm sure to take....but I must confess! I'm going to miss my sweet Beth and her little bee.


Last night the Abilene Cooper Cougars lost, a much desired District Championship, to the Lubbock Frenship Tigers, 16 -10. To say the loss was a dissappointment would be an understatement. Frenship brought their game. Cooper didn't. We struggled. They didn't. But one thing is certain the Cougars are a very good team. Their not done!!! They have alot of strength, talent and speed. ...but the thing that perhaps sets them apart from the rest, is their heart. They wont give up! They'll learn from their mistakes. Make the necessary changes and get better! Everything is going to be O.K. The Cougs still have alot of wins left!

note to Coach:Win or lose, I love you. Admire you. Respect you. I am honored to be your wife.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

J. Wilde

Recently while in San Angelo, I stopped by J. Wilde's. A very cool shop!What a fun, colorful and eclectic collection of hip clothing, shoes, accessories and retro home decor. Love the fabrics and colors!Next time you're in the area, check it out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'll be up to my elbows in paint.....all week long! There will be several projects and 'I will take pictures! I will take pictures! I will. take pictures!!!..' and post asap. Here are a couple of things I've just finished and will be delivering tomorrow. This is a cute little chest with a matching hutch. When I picked it up a few weeks ago it was stained pine ( actually the back of the piece has the word Birch stamped on it). Anyway, the owners of this chest wanted me to give it a makeover. To go from 'plain jane' to rustic country french.
I can hardly wait to see their faces! It looks completely different. I know they're going to love it! This little painting was comissioned by a friend for her sister. This scripture, Joshua 24:13, has always been a favorite. I really enjoyed painting the grape vines. Here is one of several sample boards I painted and glazed over a hand troweled texture, for an up coming job. And last but not least, I just have to show you two really cool mid-century modern Russell Wright, folding metal chairs by Samson. Such great patina!
After this busy week, I'll look forward to sitting in one and putting my feet up in the other!