Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bye bye, Pie!


For as long as I can remember I have loved pie and being born into a family of great southern cooks, made sure I learned how to make every kind of pie known to man. But something happened last Monday, that has me saying, “Adios” to a life long love affair of sugary sweets. Those who know me well will be a gasp, for few love dessert more than me. Let me quickly say there is not a darn thing wrong with having an occasional slice of pie! But for me, much like a hummingbird, I go from one sweet treat to another. Donuts for Breakfast, pie for lunch and cake for dinner…yes, it’s that bad. As a result, hard as it is to admit.. I am fat! Though I’ve done my best to hide it here on my blog, where I can crop and edit photos to flatter my plus size me. The truth is, I’m at least 60 lbs over weight. Needless to say, I am not aging well. And for someone who considers themselves full of fun, love and life, this little, or better said big matter, has seriously gotten in my way of living life to it’s fullest. Unfortunately, this is not my first time to say this out loud. I’ve come to this realization 1,000 times. My precious family has heard it over and over and over. Each offering, compassion, wisdom, suggestions and encouragement time and time again. In fact, I’m quite certain they will be skeptical and with good reason. I can only imagine how exhausted they are. However, the reality is, I want to stop abusing the good health I’ve been given. I want to be fit and free of flab. I want to jump, run and participate in the future. I want to eat to live. I want to reacquaint myself with vegetables and fruits, that God created for well our being. I want to stop being foolish about the choices I make. I would never think of sticking the garden hose in the gas tank of my truck and turning on the faucet, and yet I have thrown caution to the wind when it concerns fueling my body. It’s that simple. I’m going to be successful because I want to be. Because I get to choose everything I put in my mouth. No excuses.

So, by now you may be wondering, ‘what the heck happened on Monday’?…and I can hardly wait to tell you! My daughter Kim, called to visit and mentioned a documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, she had watched over the weekend and encouraged my the see it asap. After we finished talking, I  Googled the title, found it and started watching ( you can too). I loved everything about it. The light went off in my head! I knew immediately that I could do this and decided I would!

Yesterday morning, I began a 60 day juice fast.

Yes, I did! I also started going to boot camp at Titan 3. It’s been 36 hours and I’m happy to report, I’m sore from boot camp (Thank you, Ike!) and not a bit hungry. In fact, I feel great! I have no idea what this will look like or how it’s going to play out but I’ve made my mind up. I can only imagine the challenges ahead. Like the football banquet, birthday parties, invitations to lunch, etc. But I do know, that the One who has power and authority over heaven and earth, is with me and for me. He has even promised me that, ‘I can do all things through Jesus Christ, who strengthens me’. Philippians 4:13

So, I’m off on a new adventure! Something deep down in my soul is thrilled at all the good things that are to come. Something in my head is worried but I’m letting go of all that and letting God show me a better way. Mine has not worked well. I’m confident, His will.

If He brings me to mind in the days to come, will you pray for me? I am thanking Him, in advance, for the wellness He is bringing to my body, mind and soul. I’ll be sharing my journey in weekly/daily updates. This is going to be a big deal for me. I took before pics yesterday (thanks' to my sweet friend Cassi who is cheering me on with juicing experience and nutritional advice…and the book Crazy, Sexy Diet by Kris Karr) which will be good later but I’m equally interested to see how this effects other areas of my life. Only time will tell but for now it is enough to know that I’m going somewhere with my Father. I don’t know the way but He does. So, I’ll hold His hand and enjoy the journey, for I am certain of one thing. I can trust Him.



Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Good for you . . . wishing you the best:O) It takes lot of courage to post this. When you start with God on anything in this life, only success will follow. Definitely will keep you in prayer. You are beautiful now, I can only imagine what you will look like down the road. Blessings, Sandy

Beth said...

I'm so proud of you mom. I know you're going to succeed. I can feel it! :)

Sarah Shalley said...

Really incredible! Go Roxanne! Will say special prayers for strength and endurance throughout these 60 days and beyond. Lots of love!

Stacey said...

When a girl makes up her mind there's no stopping her!

molly said...

Oh Roxanne the hardest part is beginning!! And you did it!! Once you make up your mind to do this journey you can go to the end. I am there whenever you need a word of encouragemnet or a pep talk.I am down almost 70 pounds now and walking a mile every day on the treadmill and doing some weights- who is this person I turned into? hehe I had never been to a gym till 1 year ago and now I can't start the day with out my walk. So So proud of you - you will be amazed how great you will begin to feel - Love you friend!

Kristin O said...

thank you for sharing! wishing you the best of luck!! xo

VickifromAbilene said...

This is Vicki from Abilene. Congrats on your healthy life! I hate to bring up pie but your chocolate is the best! My only problem is that mine stays runny and doesn't set up, but tastes incredible. Do you have any pointers for me? Miss you!