Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 6–Green ‘Can’t Beet’ Tangerine!

Wow! I’m loving this juicing thing! I never dreamed that drinking fresh squeezed juice could be so enjoyable. It’s hard to believe that someone as dependent on food, particularly the those loaded with flour, sugar and butter, has consumed nothing but vegetables and fruits for going on 6 days now! What’s equally surprising, is how painless, satisfying, energetic and mentally bright (I have to smile), I feel! Juicing 4 times a day has become my new hobby. There are so many delicious combinations. Simply Google ‘juicing recipes’ and you are off and running to what seems to be an endless trail of recipes, information and suggestions. Pushing beets, carrots, cucumber, parsley, green apple  and tangerines through the shoot of my new juicer makes me smile. I get a kick out of the aromas and colors. More importantly, I really like the flavors. At first I cautious and a bit skeptical. My first combination was apple, carrot and cucumber. Today, I’m sharing my new favorite. I’m calling it Green ‘Can’t Beet’ Tangerines! I told you I’m having fun with this:) Here is the staring line up.


Carrots, Beets, Cucumber, Green Apple, Parsley and the MVP Tangerine( really adds a pow!). I wash everything in water and scrub (w/ a vegetable brush) the root vegetables to remove any dirt. I’m buying mostly organic, except the citrus which I’m peeling(it’s too bitter for juice) and the cucumbers. Unfortunately, the cucumbers have a food grade wax sprayed on them, so I’m really scrubbing them in soap and warm water. Afterwards you can feel the  difference. Apples and more have it too. This has me thinking about growing a small garden and looking forward to buying from local growers.



Do not be put off by the color of the juice which by the way I would call Ochre. It is delicious, sweet, packed with goodness and leaves you with a sunny tangerine taste in your mouth!


Delish! I promise.

ps. Seven pounds are gone forever! Did you hear me? 7 lbs. in 5 days. It’s all to good! I’m so grateful.

Juice on!


courtney said...

so proud of you!! i saw Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last year when i was 7 months pregnant. by the end of the show, i had never craved an apple as badly as i did at that moment! :) i need to rewatch it to motivate me! btw, the documentary FoodMatters is also really good! you can watch it on Netflix. keep up the good work!

Sarah Shalley said...

that's so incredible! i'm REALLY interested in this at some point...maybe after my upcoming half marathon. i am LOVING your updates. what kind of juicer did you end up getting? congrats! 7 pounds is awesome!!

morgana said...

Roxanne, you should try to use English (aka "seedless")Cucumbers. They come wrapped in a clear pastic and are unwaxed! They are seedless and easier on digestion. You can get them at any grocery store. Just food for thought! xoxo, Morgan