Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Clint!



Today is a special day! Really, it’s the first of many

special days in this month. Because most of our

family are January babies. Vida Mae( my mom),

Clint, Emme, Coach, Jenny, Beth and Kimberly,

span from the 1st to the 30th.


But today is Clint’s big day!

Happy birthday, Clint!


And though it doesn’t seem all that long ago that

Clint was just a baby, today we are celebrating

his 28th birthday. Isn’t he so adorable?

I loved his fat cheeks… Oh, I can hear it right now!

Someone is probably thinking, give up the baby

 pictures, lady and get over it, he’s a grown man.

Yes, he certainly is but humor my mushy mom

post today. For this is the kind of stuff that only

makes sense when you have birthed and raised

a baby, all the way to adulthood. It’s amazing!




It is hard to find words that describe the joy that a child

brings. This cotton top, barrel chested, chubby legged

little boy delighted us all! His raspy voice, contagious

giggle and strong-willed determination was a charming

yet challenging combination. Looking back, it’s clear


to see that he had all the makings of a fine man from

the very start. Everyone liked, Clint. As parents, we

had high hopes for him. Praying  daily, that he would

love God with all of his heart, soul and mind; serving

Him all the days of his life.

We had high expectations. But as, so often with God,

even we could not have imagined the things he

would do, and think…and say. We had no idea that

Clint, would go from this ……



sweet little boy, to this outstanding guy!



And from this outstanding guy, to this awesome man!


Happy birthday, Clint! We couldn’t be prouder

of the man you’ve become. We’re so excited for you and

Jenny. You’re a great couple and we hope this next year will

be your best yet!

We love you.




…and speaking of always.

iphone fall 2012 1126achristmas201133

Happy Anniversary, to the only man I’ve ever loved.

After 36 years, I’m grateful to say I have never

loved, respected and admired you more.

You truly are the best!

There’s not a mean bone in your body.

You are loyal, committed, determined, focused,

encouraging, kind, funny, patient, disciplined, wise,

thoughtful, passionate, continually striving for

excellence yet forgiving of those who are not.

You have made a difference in my life.

I am better because of you.

Life with you has been good.

Very, very good.

I’ve never been happier.

I’ll love you forever!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Clint!

You have been so blessed with such an awesome family and they are so blessed to have YOU!!

You are sooooo special and I will always love and admire you!

Holly Bartlett said...

Happy Birthday Clint!!! Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were playing and running around the softball fields!