Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!

We’ve been having lot’s of birthdays around here lately! My momma, Vida Mae, Clint and little Emerson turned 3 last Saturday. Trust me when I say, it was an absolute “Ball” in the princessy sort of way(pics coming soon)!

But today is a really special day at our house because Coach turns 58th, today! It’s so fun to have known him since we were 13. He has always been  a special, stand out kind of guy but with the passing of each and every year he becomes more and more so. He is a lion! Simply put, he’s got the ‘it’ factor! He’s a non stop, hard working, right thinking, supporting, encouraging, building, putting out fires, teaching, advising, challenging, sharpening, and passing on excellence, to the world around him. He’s the sort of man that people like being around. He fires people up! He makes grown men want to suit up and play ball :) He inspires people of all ages and gender. Just ask all the girls that played for the West Texas Heat! He knows how to pull people together, unite them and get the ball rolling! He’s passionate about life and doing things well. He really and truly cares! ….and loves…..and as we all know love can make a world of difference. He is also humble. It’s a magnetic, fantastic combination! Anyone that’s played with him or for him knows exactly what I’m talking about. So, with a heart full of love and respect for my husband and best friend, I say Happy Birthday, Mike Spradlin! You are a good man! Definitely making the world a better place! As you can imagine, sometimes he get’s tired and needs to have a little fun and that’s why I’m so glad he got a new 21’ Ranger Bass boat. Woohoo!

Yesterday, we spent the day together out of the lake! There’s nothing like flying across the water in fast boat. Hanging onto your cap and sunglasses. Being out in the sun, surrounded by nature. It was awesome! What a perfect place to rest and relax.



We fished, unhung my line, fished, unhung my line, fished and unhung my line. Later, when I casted my bait ‘real hard’ and the lure and line broke and flew far faraway, I called it ‘quit’s’! Devoting my time to researching the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty, sipping juice and taking videos of Coach!


It was a great day! So great, that we’ve decided to go again! I better hop off. My man’s ready to go! Hope we catch some fish!




In honor of my honey! I created him a special juice for his birthday. It was very good! …a birthday cake that you can have all you want and be healthier too!


Day 13:     10 lbs. gone, forever!

I’m so happy!


Kathie said...

I'm going to try some of your recipes! So far, every time I add kale, or any greens, I just don't like the flavor. :-( Maybe they are an acquired taste??

Anonymous said...

So, so, so happy for you! Praying for your success and that our Father heal you (and me & all others)of turning to food for comfort and pleasure - once and for all!! AMEN! Love you so much!