Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 2- Challenges

Yesterday, officially began the 2nd week of my 60 day veggie/fruit juice fast. Which I decided to do after watching the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead(click to watch). After an exciting first week full of new discoveries, which filled me with hope and enthusiasm and left me 8 pounds lighter. I found myself full of gratitude and wondering what  Week 2 would bring. I’ve never been on a juice fast. I love to eat and I spend a lot of time thinking about food. I’m a born and raised southern girl that knows how to cook like Paula Deen…..I’m proud of it and I have the body to prove it! Truth is, I’m 60 pounds overweight and rethinking the way I eat and seeking a healthier tomorrow. I’m committed and thankful for the days ahead.


Pretty green juice! It doesn’t taste like a Chikfila Chocolate Shake but it’s SO good for you:)

Last Friday, on day 3, I stepped on the scales and had lost 6 lbs.! I know you lose fast at first but nevertheless it’s made weighing a fun, first thing in the morning activity. Well, yesterday, the inevitable happened. The scale went up 2 lbs.Hmmm? Surprised, I jiggled the scale and weighed again. It didn’t budge. Confused, I stepped off with a little cloud of disappointment hanging over my head. I headed to the kitchen and juiced this very green drink (which smelled like a freshly mowed summer lawn, but was pleasant and went down easy) and went to boot camp. When I got back home, I read Jesus Calling and was encouraged. I thanked God for His good plans for me and told Him how grateful I am for the amazing things He is showing me. I told Him, that whether the scales go up or down, I will trust Him. That I will relax in His peace and enjoy the journey with Him. I felt much better. This was my first day in 8, to feel disappointment. Even a little blue and weepy but I’m not a stranger to these emotions. We’re old pals. In fact, they come by often and we go for a ride. I’m emotional. Letting my feelings determine my attitude and outlook. Can you imagine the thrilling highs and frightening lows? If you live like this, you know and unfortunately, so does your family. It hurts to think of the pain I’ve caused them time and time again. I pray that they will understand that I was broken and wounded, doing my  best to love them well. Thank you Jesus, for forgiving me and showing a better way to live. May you bless my family for their long suffering, patient, forgiving hearts. May they forgive me my fit throwing, harsh word slinging tirades' and celebrate the healing and kindness and truth you have brought to my life.

I didn’t plan to say all of that but I now know, that we can’t always trust our emotions. They’ll sabotage our day. But if we acknowledge and ‘know the truth and the truth will set us free.’ John 8:32   


Making juice is easy! Buy a juicer (I’m using a Bella Kitchen 700 watt juicer, it was $30 but works!), wash fruit and vegetables, juice and enjoy! Oh! then you’ll need to clean up your juicer :)

Another challenge came when I went to work yesterday. I was so busy getting all of my supplies together, that I forgot to take fuel for the afternoon.  After hours of sanding cabinets, I felt empty and a little washed and learned a lesson about being prepared. It’s not that hard to make extra juice and pack it on ice for later but these are the things that get you in trouble…not thinking ahead and then grabbing the first powdered sugar donut you can find. Fortunately, I was committed and drank water  and ate a handful of grapes which did the trick.   ( I didn’t cheat…. according to, a juice reboot is committing to a period of time to drink and eat vegetables and fruit only.)

My last challenge of the day came last night. Coach, had planned  for us to meet his mom and Bill for dinner at Johnny’s, in Salado:/ This would be my first time to sit in a restaurant with people who were eating…while I’m not.  On my way home Kim called and encouraged me to make juicing my priority. I only had 15 minutes to get ready. I dressed quickly and made 16 oz. of juice and drank it on the way. During the meal, I tried to focused on conversation and sipping ice cold filtered water, in a bottle I brought with me. Of course, I noticed the chicken fried steak and fresh cut French fries and the grilled chicken and baked potatoes. It was ‘different’ not to be eating with them, but I was full and satisfied and it was not uncomfortable. At the end of the day, I am all the more confident that, I can do this! I am doing it through Christ, who is my strength!

Tonight, is the Wildcat Football Banquet. I will drink juice before  and sip water.

Saturday, is Emerson's 3rd birthday, Princess Party! And for the first time in my life, “I will not eat cake”! I’m smiling. I don't feel sorry for me. I’ve eaten plenty of cake, more than my share. That’s why I’m fat. So, this is good for me. Truly, it is a gift! Thank you, Jesus. You are too good!


As week 2 begins, I’ve shifted into another gear. The adrenaline high is gone and now it’s time to get comfortable, sit back and enjoy the ride. There is so much for us to celebrate. God has surrounded us with lovely people, places and things. He has lavished His beauty upon us. If I can just stop thinking about me, myself and I long enough, I’ll be able to have a wonderful trip, discovering this new path to health and freedom. Do you want to go?

Oh! I almost forgot! This morning 3 lbs. were gone. That’s a total of 9 since last Wednesday! Yippee!!!


Sarah Shalley said...

Incredible! So glad you didn't cheat. That just adds so much to your story. : ) Now to go check out that website.

Stefanie said...

You are such an encouragement! Good Luck for your weekend!! God will Bless you with Strength and Grace to make it through! 9 lbs......AMAZING!

Cassi said...

I'm so proud of you! After I read all of your post, I want to just squeeze you!! I hope you give yourself enough credit...what you are doing is no easy task. It is very inspiring. Keep up the work friend! I can't wait to see each weeks progress. I love you!