Friday, January 18, 2013

DAY 10 - Piece of cake!


I’m feeling great this morning! Clear headed and lighter on my feet. The Wildcat Football Banquet was awesome last and not eating Fat Boy’s BBQ was a piece of cake! Not even tempting, except for a little bite of icing, left on the dessert plate, of the coach next to me. Every once in awhile it would catch my eye but I just ignored it and walked away a champ :) So happy! Emerson’s 3rd birthday Princess party is tomorrow! More confident than ever that I’ll pass of the cake and juice something pretty and pink! In honor of my favorite three year old. I love you Emme!

Headed to Titan 3 Boot Camp. Ike is great!

Try this pretty juice. It taste heavenly!


courtney said...

these juices look so delicious! but, i've got to know, do you miss chewing? i know that sounds weird, but do you ever want to just chew or crunch something?

btw, you said a lot of great things in your week 2 challenges post, but the one thing that resonated the most with me was when you said, "i will not eat cake.....i've eaten plenty of cake". it's simple, but impactful. we all KNOW what cake tastes like--you're not depriving yourself of something if it's something you don't need. (and i say "you" as a generality)

keep up the good work!!

Roxanne said...

Thanks, Courtney! I really appreciate you comments and encouragement. To answer your question, the fresh juice coming out of the juicer is surprisingly filling. I do not feel hungry. Amazingly too, it's like my body is so contented that Im not crazing anything. More importantly, I feel so energetic. I'm getting a lot more done during my day. A time or to I have wanted to chew. Which got me to thinking what would be the big difference in the juicer chewing up the veggies and fruits or me:) I went to and read under the tab Rebooting, that a reboot is committing for a period of time to drink and eat vegetable and fruits only for a period of time. So, I feel fine doing so. Tonight was one of thos nights and I just ate a plate full of steamed broccoli misted with oilive oil. It was so good!:)

Roxanne said...
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Isabel said...

Keep up the great work:O)