Sunday, May 4, 2008

Way Out West!

The past two weeks I've have been painting 'way out' (in more ways than one) in west Texas for my friend and favorite designer, James VanStavern! James is a creative genius, talented artist, successful designer and the pied piper, all rolled into one. Years ago, it was James that encouraged me to make a career change from teaching elementary Phys. Ed. to full-time Artist. He gave me my 1st paint job and at least 100 since. Just the attempt to thank him brings tears to my eyes, for James has called out the artist in me time and time again. Challenging, sharpening and all the while validating "the gift" God placed within me. It is always a thrill to work with him. Thank you James. You have made a BIG DIFFERENCE in my life.

He's a 'man on the move' and has certainly kept me hopping. The first stop was James' house to paint in the fabulous Cantina he and wife Debbie, have added to their home.

Pictures cannot capture the fun and fresh air this room exudes! Add Debbie and her sense of humor, 3 dogs, 2 talking parrots, and beautiful pool and you've got the makings for a memorable day!One whole wall, is floor the vaulted ceiling, covered in old doors. By request, I painted a plump senorita on one of the doors and... "Van's Tavern by the pool" on another.

The perfect place for lot's of fun. Where's Margarita?

Next stop, Becky and Randy Young. Their gorgeous home decorated by VanStavern Interiors was featured on the Parade of Homes Last weekend. The powder bath is small but smashing with metallic gold walls for a background, I drizzled a few acanthus leaves around the room, complete with drippy glaze and 'wah-lah!'

I really like the drips!

Next, I moved to their awesome front doors where I painted a decorative embellishment up above.

And from there to the kitchen....

...a beautiful home full of family and love.

Next stop, the Johnson's where I painted 'recycled' doors that lead to a great game room.

Painted a bench 'chippy and red'. Refinished a huge heavy fire screen, and painted above the coat closets on either side of the front double doors.

Very colorful! Well, thats all for now but check back soon. There's more to come....


Stokes Chic Antiques said...


I love all the work you have done. I want something over my main entrance when is completed!

Roxanne said...

Consider it done! I look forward to the day. How was your shopping trip?

Monica said...

You're a genious, Roxanne! Love the chippy red bench. I ususally paint my furniture plain white or black, I just don't have the guts -and/or patience- to go beyond that.

Roxanne said...

WOW! Thanks, Monica! I'm with you! When I'm painting things for my house I tend to lean towards neutrals, particularly whites.That's why it's fun to paint for other people, because you get to do some crazy things.

Don't you think it would be good if we worried less, 'threw caution to the wind' and created for the joy of it? I'm determined to take more risks.