Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are a few more pics of things I've recently painted in Midland .

An ornate chest encrusted with many layers and colors of paint ....then heavily drizzled with a dark stain and spritzed with mineral spirits for additional character and interest.

Before stain...

After stain....

Beautiful shades of purple grace the walls of this amazing room.
An upholstered arm is chair embellished with a painted acanthus leaf.

This is the beautiful home of Rodney and Julie Woodard. The antebellum inspried beauty is less than 20 years old and has been a standout among Midland homes. The Woodard's purchased this house 1 year ago and have been extensively renovating to date. Rod and Julie are an amazing couple! Their patience, hard work and attention to detail is inspiring!

This stunning foyer will warmly welcome all who step across the Woodard threshold! The walls are painted in several shades of water-based Ralph Lauren metallic paints. Beautifully reflective. The technique was a bit complicated, involving several steps. Plus the mammoth proportions of this space ( 20 x 20 x 20 ) made it made it more than challenging to paint. However the finished effect is gorgeous.

Three steps to paint a design on the wall:

With painters tape, tape a grid on the wall. Then sketch on design with graphite, charcoal on light colored walls or chalk on dark. Paint in the design with a large brush and loose strokes. When dry, dab wall color randomly over design which creates the illusion of distress and peeling paint. This alone has a great look! But for those settings that demand more drama, a haphazzard brushing and wipe- off of Minwax stain and seal ( my fav. color, dark walnut)

By using different designs, color combinations, and scale, this concept can be used in many ways. On canvas, walls, ceilings. On one focal wall or an entire room. With or without distress. with or without stain. Depending on the design and application, the look can range from modern to traditional, old world to shabby chic.

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Artistic Chicas said...

Just Beautiful! Rich painted details....hope to see more.