Friday, May 23, 2008

Another week of painting has produced a couple of 'snazzy' rooms! And who better to share them with than you. Again, Midland, Texas is the setting for the dazzling decor I'm about to display. Midland is a cultural oasis in the midst of a west Texas desert and needless to say the price of oil has given alot of folks some extra cash. Although the terrain is quite barren, the sunsets are breathtaking (the lack of trees provides an unobstructed view, horizon to horizon). But the most important thing I want to mention is the warm, friendly, generous people that live there. Midland, Texas is unique in many ways!

Now, let me introduce you. This is Sid.

This is Sid's house. Sid is staring, in disbelief I might add. Sid is speechless! Let's get a closer look at what has got this west Texas girl's tongue...

What started out on Tuesday morning, as a plain solid black wall has made a dramatic transformation! Sid, eventually able to speak one well chosen word says, "Masterpiece"! It couldn't agree more! And the truth be known no one is more surprised than me.

The design pattern is the same one I used in my dining room (see previous post). This time an overhead projector was not an option so using painters tape I formed a grid on the 5' X 8' wall. Then with ordinary white I sketched the design onto the wall while looking carefully at the fabric. This step is VERY IMPORTANT and took several hours. Next came six coats of Ralph Lauren metallic gold paint (I used a bright brassy gold). I'm sure a base coat of something would have greatly expedited this step, but unfortunately I just don't think like that. (I'm often a ' work hard, not smart' kind of girl) Oh well, then on Wednesday afternoon came the silver highlights, plus alot of visual and mechanical distress. Topped off with a liberal drizzling of dark walnut stain and seal. Yummy!

The overall effect...Wowser!!!

Thursday was devoted to one of the powder baths. I didn't have as much time to spend on this little room, so I shot from the hip and free-handed everything using the same palette as above, including the stain. Very nice!

As I left, Sid was staring once again, in a speechless gaze

but a close inspection of her face revealed the one thing I needed to see...a smile!


Joni said...

Just Beautiful!


Roxanne said...

JONI!!! I saw both of your comments...thank you, sweet friend. Please stop by often. I miss you terribly! Big hug to you all!

lynnette said...

Hey Roxie,
Amazing, as usual!!!! Did you do the stripes anywhere? I love the scrolly design and the ceiling, and come to think of it, the walls. I wasn't sure about all the black (I had it pictured as slightly contemp), but it's not. Once again you've out done yourself.
Have a nice day and love,

Mary said...

WOW! Roxanne, you're amazing! Besides your incredible skill, your physical strength and stamina must be unending. Painting large and up high on a ladder like you do is not for weenies. What kind of vitamins do you take?!

B E T H said...

YEA mom! It's gorgeous! Love getting to see the stuff you are doing...I'm so impressed by your talent! Love you!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...


I LOVE IT! You are sooooo talented. God Bless you always. Love Dalia