Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From Bottle to Blossom!

Finding innovative ways to repurpose everyday materials is not an easy task. Yet this spring, the visual artists at Anthropologie will wow us again, as they turn an ordinary object - the plastic bottle - into extraordinary art.

Here's how they did it!

Score, Cut, Bend and Paint!
Amazing and beautiful!

How would you use a few dozen of these? Got any ideas? I'd love to know.


Rochelle said...

Hi Roxanne!
I got this same email and was amazed at what they did. They definitely have some real creative people working for them! When I was in portland last fall we stopped in to Anthropologie and they said they have a person hired full-time that comes up with these ideas. Then when they have staff meetings everybody is there helping out making the window display items. So cool!

Terry Browder said...

Roxanne: My daughter-in-law, Lauren Browder is assistant operations manager at the Rockefeller Center store in NYC. We were there at Christmas, and got to see the store. I am always amazed at the creativity and effort put into the displays. And each store makes their own stuff, so there are variations from store to store. And, they change their displays about every 6 weeks.

Susan said...

Anthropologie is my favorite store, I think.

When you get a moment, can you show me how you do your background on your blog. It's always so beautiful. Thanks, beautiful lady.