Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dog day!

It's snowing again!
I checked this morning and the average snowfall in Abilene Texas is 5 inches. As of today we've gotten 12 inches in the first two months of 2010! School was cancelled and coach was bummed! For the past two weeks he's been recouperating from hip replacement surgery and today he was looking forward to going back to work. He LOVES his job and can't wait to get back. But he'll have to wait and it looks like we'll have one more lazy day , just hanging out with the schnauzers, Mitzi & Abby.
Wow, can these dogs sleep.
So we watched a Tyler Perry movie and laughed a lot. I took a few pictures and busied myself with this blog post. Made beef stew (love the smell of sauteed onions!) and made sourdough bread. It was really a great day!
I found Abby standing at the back door. She went out relunctantly. Walking around and around. I got so tickled. You had to be there! When she finished, the wet snow was caked onto her legs. :)

Snow is so beautiful. A rare treat in West Texas. I'm curious, have you had a lot of snow this year?


Rochelle said...

It's so bazaar but you have actually gotten MORE snow than my town of Chilliwack! Hah Hah....who would think that Texas would get more than BC, Canada! So funny...and your doggies are so cute too!
Thank you for the sunshine award too - I gotta get at it and post a few of my "sunshine" blogs too! Thanks for thinkin' of little ol' me!
Cheers for a great day!

Beth said...

Dear Abby,

You have been the cutest dog since the day you were born...I kid you not. Your tip toe into the snow made me smile, and that is quite an accomplishment because I am grouchy and got very little sleep last night. I still love you like the day I got you...okay, maybe not quite like that because I have two "real babies" now, but I'm so glad Roxi loves you like that. Keep sleeping, loving, and licking.

Beth (your first "mom")

P.S. Tell Roxi I wish we could have come over for beef stew and bread, that sounded delicious.

lyndsay said...

great pics! I can't believe all the snow, crazy! We haven't gotten any snow this season in Phoenix. I'm really happy because seeing pics from all over the country of excessive, record breaking snow it looks miserable but beautiful! Can't wait to see you two!

Kayce said...

We have had a CRAZY amount of snow this year! 2 weeks ago we got over 50 inches of snow....that is a little much for this Texas girl!!! Plus we had one a few days before Christmas where we got 26 inches.

Kayce said...

We still have snow on the ground. And are expecting more this weekend, hopefully it is only an inch or two! The boys built a fort and a snowman. Plus our good friends made path so we could tube down them. We all had a blast doing that! But I am so ready for summer and some HEAT!!! :)
PS~ I LOVE your dogs! My mom has a schnauzer, I love that dog!