Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cotton Eyed Joe!

Well, folks he's done it again! Terry Browder, designer and proprietor of Sayles Ranch Guest House's has just completed his sixth cottage, fittingly called the Cotton Eyed Joe. You may remember back in September, I posted about City Slickers (#5) after painting on the entry walls?

This charming accommodation will have your heart dancing from the moment you walk through the door! From the beautiful old Belgium street lamp.....

to the historic decor, you'll this enjoy everything about this house. It's the perfect home, away from home!

You'll find creative details in every direction.....books in the fireplace.......

.......painted wood ship-lap walls.........monogrammed burlap and antique quilts upholstered chairs and much more.

Three great bedrooms, this one wallpapered in antique deeds, are cozy and well appointed.

The kitchen is a fabulous collection of old and new. Antique ceiling tiles, old paper, broken dishes, chippy paint, collide with new appliances, stainless steel and modern conveniences!

A cozy nook off the kitchen, provides a perfect place for morning coffee or a quiet spot for reading! Note: The walls are covered in old book covers.

The middle bedroom features painted floors,

antique rope bed ...

and private full bath.

Another bath is decorated in old ceiling tiles and accessorized with a Victorian mirror and modern sink. An edgy combination that definitely works!

Hand painted floors throughout the Cotton Eyed Joe, keeps everything interesting.

The third bedroom definitely has the 'wow factor'! A lovely king size bed,

vintage hutch in the corner ...

and a striking oil, painted by Browder, creates a soothing ambiance.

All things work together in this house. A harmony of amenities and aesthetics, provide a pleasing atmosphere. Making the Cotton Eyed Joe a must!

Perfect for your next Abilene, Texas get away!

For more information visit the Sayles Ranch Guesthouse's!

So grabbed your favorite boots and meet your family and friends at the Cotton Eyed Joe. You won't be disappointed. These guest houses are better than a B & B!!! ....and all six houses are within a 2 block radius! Perfect for your next executive bird hunt, family reunion or weekend retreat!


molly said...

HE is the KING of decorating and fixing up a Home....thanks for the tour!!! I had heard about it and wanted so much to see it

paperbird said...

Wow, all of it so beautiful. I'd love to take a trip to Texas and stay in this beautiful home. I remember driving through Texas when I was a little girl- it seemed like it took days to drive through!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures and the kind comments. I am very appreciative of you and your blog reading friends who have taken time to take a glimpse at my "house as art" projects!
Terry Browder

Tracey said...

WOW, gorgeous!!! Thanks for all of the incredible pictures Roxanne!!

:) T

Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...

Its really very fine pictures. thanks for sharing us.

hometown girl said...

wow, what a beautiful retreat! thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us!

Channa said...

This makes me want to go out of town! Or hire a someone to decorate my house!!