Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't you just love flowers? They're beautiful, colorful and smell wonderful. You can buy them or grow, give them or receive them. About this time of the year I start getting a bit 'antsy' for spring flowers. Makes me want to jump in the car and run to Lowes. I'll be patient though and wait til after Easter, when we are typically safe from a freeze. I can hardly wait to buy flowers to plant in all the flower pots! If I was only half as eager to water them. In the mean while, I'm enjoying the Hyacinth bulbs. Several are growing in water, in the kitchen window. While the ones outdoors are just beginning to pop out of the soil.

I'm counting days until I can smell their heavenly perfume....strong and sweet!

If you've got 'cabin fever' and are ready for spring, try growing a few bulbs or plant a packet of seeds! I hope it will be fun and help ease the pain of a long winter.


Mrs.Mallon said...

What a great idea! We are anxiously awaiting Spring as well! Our favorite Spring/Summer smell is the sweet olive tree... it is a little bit of heaven on earth!

I love reading your blog, btw. You inspire me.

Hugs from Louisiana!


Susan said...

Girl, those photos are wonderful. Are you sure you are taking those with your iphone?

I have a class of 1968 photograph from Cooper if you or Mike would like it. Just let me know.

Are you still painting in your studio? I miss you.

paperbird said...

Gorgeous photographs- I could almost smell them!