Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, to my beautiful girls!!!

Today is Beth's Birthday! Happy Birthday Beth! On Beth's 2nd birthday she recieved the best little present. Kim! Now, sharing your birthday with your sister can have it's pro's and cons but I'd say overall it's been a good thing!

Both Beth and Kim have filled my life with joy, laughter and hope. They have loved me unconditionally everyday of their lives. Giving me the grace to grow. When a child is born, it's mother knows so little about mothering, I am grateful for their patience which allowed me to learn with them. They are precious! Together we have lived our lives and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Beth, my beauty! How can I explain how much I love you? You were my first baby. I treasured every move and sound you made. Now that you are a mother of two little, girls you will understand. You know! What an amazing mother you have become! I love watching you with Carter. You are so patient and calm! Fun and nuturing! As a result Carter is budding into a creative, confident and loving little girl.
You impress me! You are so incredibly thoughtful and consistent and dependable. A friend in all weather. Loyal to the end! You are unsinkable! It's been a big year for you, Nate and Carter! It was this time last year when y'all heard you'd be moving back to Texas. Yee-hah! Your excitement was off the charts but soon it would be topped, when you discovered you were pregnant!

Your tiny blessing began to grow.... and grow..........

........and grow!

Your last tri-mester was a busy one. While your baby was resting, you were not! In November, you packed up the family, said your 'good bye's' and moved back to Texas. Hip hip hooray!!! Quickly, you and Nate, found a great house and by mid-December, the new house was unpacked, beautifully decorated and decked out for Christmas! Whew! All the while, your baby growing bigger and bigger. The week after Christmas, you looked like you were about to pop! Three weeks later, on January 19th, you gave birth to a beautiful 9lb. baby girl, Emerson Kate. What a cause for celebration!!! Just look at your fabulous family.....the best gift ever! God is so good, Beth!

Happy Birthday, to you, Kimberly Brooke! You're beauty and sunny personality, can brighten the darkest of days! Your sensitivity, compassion, and listening ear makes you a treasured friend to many, but it's your silly playfulness and fun personality that makes everyone adore you! Fearless confidence combined with an adventurous spirit makes a day spent with you more exciting (and sometimes scarey!) than an amusement park! This past year was a busy one for you too. A move from Colorado to Texas, the addition of two Boston Terrier's, finishing up your degree. As if this wasn't enough, you and best friend Casey Harris, after research and prayerful considerstion bought a bridal boutique. On the first of September, Bella Bridesmaid opened it's doors to the 'best dressed' brides in San Antonio.

As the new year begins, 2010 looks promising. After living thousand's of miles apart for several years, we've got a lot of memories to make.
Carter loves her Aunt Kimmi! Emme is sure to agree. Surrounded by so much love, these little sisters have so much to look forward to!
Sisters! There's nothing quite like them.
A person that looks similar, yet different. Whether shopping or sharing matters of the heart. Have fun or fighting. One thing holds true. A sister is always there for you. She knows who you are and always cares........always.

Once again, Happy Birthday, to my favorite girls! In the days to come, may God continue to weave His love and truth into the fiber of your being, that you may know Him well and trust Him completely.

I love you deeply and forever.



Terah said...

Roxanne...what a beautiful post! The relationship you share with your daughters is remarkable. I too am so close to my mother...and a special relationship between mom and daughter is for sure a gift from God.

Molly said...

your girls are pretty amazing! you have done a beautiful job raising some of the most thoughtful and giving women!

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hometown girl said...

this is one of the sweetest things i have ever read.......i'm a daughter and mother, just beautiful. susan

Beth said...

Thank you mom...the greatest gift is getting to be your daughter. I love you.

Halo Hill said...

What a beautiful family you have! Such precious girls and babies. Looks like a wonderful life full of love! (Aren't grandkids the best)?