Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Tricks!

Have you ever wanted to paint? It's fun to create beauty and here is something almost anyone can do!

Remember back in day, when teachers would use overhead projectors to enlarge images
onto a screen?

Well replace the school work with art, remove the screen, cast the design directly onto the wall and paint!

It's really that simple!

Make a black and white copy of your design. Then have a transparency made at your local 'office supply'. Lay it on an overhead projector, turn it on the light and adjust the image by moving the projector around. There is also a knob that you can turn that will move the light box up and down, which will sharpen the image.

Now your ready to transfer the shadowy image into art! You can trace around the edges of the design with chalk or 'light' pencil, turn off the lamp and paint in your design. However, I usually turn on the light and quickly paint over the shadows...which save you a lot of time.

You can also use a large canvas, or a small canvas instead of the wall.

This accent wall was painted with the assistance of an overhead projector.

So was this our dining room!

Although both of the following projects were done the old fashioned way...

.... this type of thing can be done.

Hope you'll try this. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!


Rochelle said...

Wow! It must have taken you a while to paint all those scrolls on your dining room walls! So elegant though...

Halo Hill said...

Absolutely -gorgeous-! Thank you so much for the tip! Can't wait to try one!



Jillep said...

moving in May and have so many ideas floating through my noggin! I have done this before with a church nursery project....I want to do it in my home as well! Love your inspiration!