Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Meet Ben and Leslee! Both high school coaches and expecting their first baby. This couple, a great addition to our community, is excited their family is about to grow from 2 to 3. Last Saturday, about an hour before sunset, I grabbed my Cannon Rebel film camara and met them for a little photo fun! I got carried away, as usual, and shot several rolls of film. Fortunately we (hey! this was team work) got a dozen "keepers". There was however, one paricular shot that I really liked and thought I'd share. The colors are so interesting and have not been enhanced. I typically prefer black and white photography but lately I'm drawn to color again.
Do you have a preference? The color shot (above) or the black and white (below)?...just curious.


Terah said...

Hey Roxanne...I am the young coach's wife you met a few weeks ago while painting a mural on the consignment shop wall! It looks like you are an artist in more ways than one! I love the pictures...and I must say...I am usually all for the black and white...but I am equally in love with both versions of this picture! What a sweet shot!

Beth said...

Great shot mom! :)

delighted heart said...

I usually like black and white but I vote for the color on this one. The elements stand out better in color because of not much contrast. Realy cute photo! You rocked it! Thanks for emailing me too!


courtney said...

I love the color photo--but, then again, I love (bright!) color photos!

Great pic!

Lynnette said...

Hey Rox,
Since there isn't much going on in the photo, I like the colors. Very simple, but good.
Hope you're doing well. Have a great week.
Love you!

lyndsay said...

love it! color's my fav!

Kim said...

I like how you have engaged your readers by asking them these questions...
I also like this question... I was just wondering if leslee knew her zipper was done, opps! :)