Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bella Bridesmaid!

Last Tuesday, our daughter Kimberly and BFF Casey, opened a Bella Bridesmaid franchise in San Antonio, Texas. What started as a bright idea grew quickly into a one beautiful dream!

Best friend Leslie, and I hit the road bright and early Monday and talked non-stop through the Texas hill country

I was amazed at how much the space had changed over the months. What once had been an art gallery, now looked very chic and modern. Located in the heart of Alamo Heights, I'm convinced Bella Bridesmaid is a success waiting to happen.

The beautiful chandlelier took Kim 7 hours to put together. Shortly after the electrician hung it, it fell, broke and had to be replaced.....but not by Bella!

We helped clean windows, dress mannequins and set up tables for the 'Open House".

Something pretty for the flower girls! Sashes and...

...and Flower Girl Wands!

They thought of everything....even your choice of shoes while trying on dresses.

There's nothing quite like a 'best friend'! Thanks Leslie,... for so many things! Like letting God love me right through you!!! For celebrating side by side, the mile stones of life...big or small, your always there to help, share, pray and affirm. One of the sweetest gifts God ever gave me was you! I love you, Leslie. Our friendship is a priceless treasure!

Next up...the Grand Opening!
Photographed by the beautiful and super talented, Kristin Radicke of www.urthstudio.com 830.279.4636
Note: Kimberly and Casey, you've done an amazing job. The store is gorgeous! We are so proud of your accomplishment. Bravissimo! God has clearly orchestrated this entire project.....He never ceases to amaze me. He is "Bella"!...and so are you.
May His beauty radiate. Invite....and inspire through both of you.
To God, be the glory.


Channa said...

How awesome! I would get married everyday if I could. I love all things bridal!!!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Best of luck with the new business. The shop looks just wonderful!! Lots of perfect little touches that make a real difference to clients. : )

~ Wendy

merryheart2 said...

the store is amazingly beautiful. i love looking at the pretty things. congratulations and many blessing to your daughter and her BFF.