Monday, September 21, 2009

A job on a ladder.....things are looking up!!!!

Last month I shared an all time career low in, " artist falls on hard times!", which involved painting interlocking CC's on the latrine floors of the boys locker room floor. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when friend and neighbor, Terrie Browder, called and offered a paying job!

Terrie, a designer/decorator extraordinaire, has fabulous taste and his own unique 'stellar' style. As you will see he has an amazing eye for putting together beautiful homes! Not including his own personal home he shares with wife Laura, he has re-designed, re-modeled and re-decorated six(6) homes in a 2-block radius. All of which are currently available to rent. In each of these accommodations you will find the finest amenities. For more details and contact information, visit . The newest 'unhosted' B & B, called City Slicker, is the home I was recently hired to paint in. Taking inspiration from the November 2008 Architectural Digest's article on, Dianne Keaton's, Hollywood home, Terrie had me paint a quote around the home's spacious entry. Though time consuming, I couldn't be happier with the end results!


Thankfully, I didn't have to do all the math (Thank's, Terrie!)....I was up to my elbow's in chalk, tape and black tape!

Because the house is wonderful and you have discriminating taste, I asked Terrie if I could post about City Slicker. You are going to absolutely love this house! So, Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll give you a tour around the place and share a few interesting details I picked up from Terrie, himself!

If you find yourself in Abilene Texas, and need to rent a beautiful, well-appointed house for a weekend, week or more, look no more.
Check back for 'jaw-dropping' charm!


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's a new day - new opportunities, right? I'm so glad for more latrines.

mary said...

Impressive! And looks great! But, the "CC" story was much funnier :)

Susan said...

This looks amazing, Roxanne. I can't wait to see what you do on our inn. :) The painters are prepping today and yesterday. I think they'll start painting tomorrow. woo hoo!

Time for another lunch soon!

delighted heart said...

Hi Roxanne! Terry sent me to your blog after I had emailed him several questions about the guesthouses. Cityslickers is beautiful and I love your "lettering"! I continued reading through your archives this afternoon and I throughly love your blog! The more I read the more I felt like we were soul sisters ...we like so many of the same things...or maybe we were twins separated at birth! And then I read where we have the same birthdays! What a coincedence! Of course you know there are no coincidences just God-incidences! email me sometime...I'd love to "chat" more! Although I'm not an artist (deep down inside I think I am it just hasn't gotten out yet!) we have alot in common! We spent a lot of time in Abilene..our son went to Hardin-Simmons from 2002-2007 and played baseball...we were there for lots of games!
Your house is adorable! Your family too!