Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Congratulations, Natalie! A Texas Tech freshman, who arrived in Lubbock last week for Rush! After 5 long days of 'girlie' bootcamp, she pledged Chi Omega.

While Natalie was busy running around campus in high heels, her momma and I (sisters) were having fun too! After weeks of planning and shopping, and hours of unloading and hauling two car loads of 'stuff', we took a big sip of our Route 44 Sonic drinks and said, 'Let the decorating begin'!!!! With scissors, hot glue, industrial velcro, power screw driver, staple gun, double stick tape, LED lights, giftwrap, posters, coasters, lot's of fabric and a ton of color coordinated decorative accessories we transformed a plain dorm room into a colorful,

cozy home away from home.

New friend and roomate, Brittany gave us permission to 'share the love' with her side of the room

...which we gladly did.

A open note to my sister:

Dear Lynnette,
I stand in 'jaw dropping' amazement at the way you serve others. Cheerful in all weather you give your time, energy and resources. Sparing no expense. Cutting no corners. There is no limit to your generosity, no end to your thoughtful kindness. You inspire me! I am touched by you unselfish spirit and challenged to follow your example. I love you!

I'm so thankful to be your sister,


lynnette said...

OMG, this is so sweet and fun to step back and see the fruits of our labor. Thank you so much for all your help, great ideas (as usual) and humor (was really necessary at times). Nat loves the room and I truly think that it is one of the reasons she is so happy at Tech. Except, of course, for the dropped lab and car wreck! Oh well, she got a fish to perk herself up!
Thanks again, and I will return the favor when the wedding plans begin. Can't wait!

Channa said...

AMAZING! The two of you are very talented!! It almost makes me wish I lived in a dorm, ha! I am defiantly going to have to hire you when we buy a house!! You are too good! Hope football season is going well!! I am already over it and it just begun, ha!

Rochelle said...

Wow....what a bright transformation of a dorm room! What a special auntie and mommy she has to do this for her! It'll make hittin' the books worthwhile doin' studying in a room like this!

Alana said...

I absolutely adore your blog!! Please note that I am new to the whole thing and promise it will get much better :) Look forward to finding inspiring ideas here!

Amazing Job! Alana

Molly said...

That is an AWESOME room!!! And you tell your niece, congrats on being a Chi Omega! Those were some of my best memories in college were with my Chi Omega sisters!

Beth said...

TOO MUCH! It is so cute, I know it will make her feel right at home! :)

JANELLE said...

I wish more dorm room looked like that!!! I would go back in a heart beat if you were there to decorate my room...she is super lucky!!!

Michelle said...

PRESH! Absolutely PRESH!
Over the top! WOW!

Joni said...

Can I go ahead and book you to do Annsley's dorm room!?! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

come do this to my dorm!!! :)