Friday, September 11, 2009

Urth Studio Photography: bella bridesmaid

After waiting on 'pins and needles' for more than a week, it gives me pleasure to introduce you to Kristin Radicke. Kristin, a Texas beauty whom I met last week in San Antonio, was photographing the opening of Bella Bridesmaid. Lovely and graceful, she floated around the room for hours quietly working her magic.....just imagine what she could do at your wedding!

So without further adieu, please visit her site to see her amazing photography. Today she posted beautiful photos from the night of the opening. You've just got to see them for yourself!
Cayce and Kim.


Lynnette said...

How beautiful! I knew it would be, but to see it now just takes me back. I know the girls are going to have such fun in their store. The photographer has done a "wonderful" job (sorry just had to do that)! Can't wait to make a trip to SA to see it all in person. Love you.

Summer said...

I so enjoyed bumping into you the other day. Every time I drive by your little cottage on Sayles, I peek to see what new things you've added to your lovely porch. I love the chalkboard by the way. I have enjoyed reading your blog and found the strangest connection. I scrolled back to an art post you did a few months ago and saw a photo of Mary Gregory. We bought our house from the Gregorys and adore their sweet family. She is so talented, and might I add, so are you! Hope to see you around again sometime. Your daughter's shop looks amazing. Such a talented family! I am inspired by creative people. Thanks for being an inspiration. . .