Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pass it on!

Today is my birthday! I know most people don't tell when it's their b' day, especially as they get older... they're kind of quiet and shy about it, but they didn't have Vida Mae for their momma! Who when I was growing up, celebrated our birthdays like they were national holidays!

On the morning of the 'big day' you woke up, to loud voices of the entire family singing 'Happy Birthday'! It was always a little jolting at first, sending you under the covers but once you recovered your wits and figured out where you were, it was so much fun! You'd throw back the covers and sit up with a big smile, just in time to see those you loved most, singing slowly the final, "...Happy Birthday to You". You also got to choose your favorite meal or restaurant for dinner that night. Then it was off to school for a very long day because you knew what was waiting back home.

Year after year, my mom would bake and beautifully decorate our birthday cake. Weeks before the 'big day' we would look through books and torn out magazine pages in search of the perfect cake! As the day grew near, she would ask us to describe our birthday cake in layer pink, one layer orange, one layer yellow with green icing with purple roses....etc. So, needless to say it was 'very' exciting to walk in the front door and be-line it to the dining room, where you could count on a fabulous display! Two shades of crepe paper twisted together from one corner to the other, crossing in the center of the room and attaching to the chandelier. The table was full of gifts, all shapes and sizes, wrapped cheerfully with ribbons and bows. Creating a dazzling backdrop for the "special cake" that stood tall on a pedestal! A breath taking site that would crescendo into a delicious family dinner. Followed by cake and ice cream, and finally! Opening those presents!!!

Oh, the joy of being my momma's child! She knew better than most, how to make someone feel special. As I read my daughters blog this morning and received her soul touching gift, I realize anew God's truths that "love begets love". Thank you, momma for passing on God's love to your children, so we could pass it on to our children and they will pass it on to theirs. Like a golden thread that runs through time, 'His love endures forever!'

So, go ahead now! Wish me a happy birthday! And while your at it, tell your birthday and I'll return the favor. I will! I'll write it down on the calender and surprise you!

Big hug!


Katie Galusha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a FUN one! Glad to have you in my life :)

Whitney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have had a day as fun as your childhood birthdays!

BTW... I went to Stokes yesterday for the first time. Everything in there looks like your house. I bought a bird's nest. Now, I have to go to Suprises to buy the a cloche to put it in. It's my Mother's Day present! ;) Also, I will try to come next Thursday!

molly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!! I AM A MAY GIRL TOO THE 30th - once again I am so amazed how God put you in my life as a new friend. I hope your day is wonderful and you get to celebrate with the ones you love!! Happy Birthday once again!

mary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROXANNE!!! I almost missed it. Hope it was wonderful and that every day after is even more so!

bunnytrails said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Roxanne! Hope you have a FABULOUS day. You truly deserve it! And by the way, mine is January 28th!! Love you, sweet friend!

Rochelle said...

A very happy birthday indeed to YOU! Such a testament to you and being a mom in your daughter Beth's blog and your mom's legacy lives on and strong! I hope your day was special just like you! :)
I am a June bug baby - the 22nd will be my 47th! (closer to 50 than 40 now!) lol
Happy Happy

Beth said...

Look at all your sweet birthday wishes :)!

missy said...

Happy, Happy belated birthday-you are such an inspiration-hope you had a blessed day!

Susan said...

I love that you tell others when you have a birthday! I do, too!

In fact, at work I send out an e-mail on August 1st stating it is my birthday month (it's the 29th)! That went well at the place I worked for 15 years, but when I began working somewhere different, the first year was a bit sketchy.

Now, it's all good. They even provide me my own Birthday Princess crown. (Glad that get it!) I hope your birthday was especially magical!

Roxanne said...

Thank y'all for making me feel so 'special'! A BIG HUG to each of you!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it! You and Angelic have the same birthday :)

Love you!

Halo Hill said...

Happy Birthday, happy life! What a pretty lady you are and what a blessed family you have... they have you! Your Mom sounds lovely too!