Thursday, May 21, 2009

A favorite place...for so many reasons!

Pink balloon poodles!

I knew I was going to love this store before I ever stepped foot in the door. It was February and my daughter Kimberly Brooke was telling me all about it! The colors, the wall finishes, and quirky displays. She discribed one display that hung from the ceiling, in the middle of the room. It consisted of hundreds of small envelopes, dyed brownish pink and stuck together in very long columns. Multiple columns formed a 3-D screen. Then ever so often, a tiny love note was tucked into an envelope. Cool, huh!! This is the sort of thing that put's this store on my, 'Must stop list!' everytime I'm in a big city. They change constantly, much to my delight, and every store is different! I've never seen so many amazing displays under one roof! It is the Cirque Du Soleil of retail marketing design. You have to wonder 'who thinks of all this stuff?' Obiviously, a team of super creative stylists!

Great furniture!

P...popular!! it!
O...over the top!!

Lovely windows!

Pure magic!

Jars make great laterns.

Great colors...

Go green!
Cute birds perch on 'chalk' twigs!

Wall covered in boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments.

Gigantic light bulb chandelier!

Great idea! Wall-paper a room with pages from a book!

Woven walls and ceiling!

The Crown Jewels!

Fairy tale sleeping alcove.

Blue paper fern fronds dangle from the ceiling.

Cupcake papers!

Mounted old paper butterflies!

Dangling magnifying glass collection!

...more cupcake papers.

White drinking straws!

A gigantic newspaper beehive with letters buzzing around.

The grass is always greener!

Map and Key display!

Old window art. Great color.

Flocked winter bicycle.
For the birds!

Ball jar track lighting....

Marsmallows !

Eye exam!

A book mobile!

Fresh designs!

...more book art!


Furniture stack!

Random chandelier!

Sweet dreams!

It's time!

How in the world???

Right about now, you may be wondering, 'Do you ever buy anything? ...or do you just walk around and gather up ideas!' The answer is 'yes' to both! After this visual feast, one simply must make a purchase! Mostly home decor...usually on sale!

Are you a fan? What do you usually buy?


Rochelle said...

I am definitely a fan of anthropologie...just take a peek into my closet and it tells the truth! :)
I too love their displays...been to one in Las Vegas, California and Portland - they are all amazing! But, living in Canada I have to resort to their website for inspiration and clothes love! lol
Hope you are enjoying your May!

mary said...

Yes, I love Anthropologie! The first one I went to was in NYC and it boggled my mind. Two floors of displays (like your pictures). I visit the Austin store often. I don't usually buy a lot - just walk around in blissful sensory-overload!

Whitney said...

Looks like you! I love their clothes. I look on-line at their clearance, clearance, clearance section all the time. My favorite is their Level 99 pants, but I get them on e-bay for $25!

Sorry I missed your party... they had a recruit that Jason had to have dinner with at 7:30.

lyndsay said...

whenever I'm having a rough day or a nice day off I will try to make a trip to anthropologie. I usually slowly stroll the store and try not to miss any of the displays. I know you have always loved that store. I might sneak in some pics. of the Scottsdale stores for you.

Roxanne said...

Lyndsay! Oh please, oh please! Do send me more pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I know, it's crazy what they come up with, isn't it?

Roxanne said...

I LOVE it!!! I dream of being one of their stylist and practice on my house. Poor coach! He never knows what to expect...