Thursday, May 7, 2009

Molly's, May Luncheon...How Quaint!

Today marvelous, Molly and friends
had a the 'Quaint Old Homes'
May Luncheon at her house. She has an amazing since of style!
The Queen of Vignettes. Where
is Country Living for heaven sakes? Everything was absolutely adorable! I mean 'eye-popping' wonderful. I couldn't help myself. I dug my little digital camara out of my purse and started snapping pictures. I'm sure some of you are gasping at the thought of such tackiness! Yes, I do know better and don't go blaming it on my Momma! I then I took tacky to the edge of the cliff and jumped off by asking Molly if I could post on my blog about her precious house. I'm pleased to say she said yes! Yeah! Thanks Molly!!! It would be hard to explain how cute everything thing was and how happy we we're to be there. So see for yourself! Then check out her blog at . Just look at these cupcakes! They're bird's nest!
Each one topped by an edible
nest and candy
eggs the perfect shade
of blue. I heard someone say
the nest were made from
shredded wheat and melted
chocolate. Mmmm. Crunchy. Aren't they the cutest?

Even Kay's scrumptious Italian Cream Cake got embellished! Sorry! It's all gone but don't fret. You can call her. She'll be delighted to bake you one anytime! No, I'm not kidding.Here's a closer look just in case you wear glasses and can't see...

Even the plates and napkins matched. Hand stamped paper tags serve as napkin rings. It's all in the presentation, ladies!

Now let me show you some of the house. I love all this white!....and neutrals. BINGO!!! This red and white kitchen vintage kitchen is a happy place. Full of cute!

....and so much sweetness! Seriously, they don't come any sweeter than Anna and Mary.

Everyone had a great time!

There were a lot of smiling faces. Hi, Jana and Amy! Y'all look so cute!
Now let me show you Molly's studio.
It's a cheery little room right off the kitchen
where she can sew and create to her heart's delight!
...complete with cozy sitting area. Coffee anyone?

A beautiful bedroom with 'head-spinning' charm.

Aqua, black and white!

And recognize the NEST painting? It flew across town and found a new home.

Well, folks! This concludes the tour of Molly's house. Thanks again. If you loved it, make her day a little brighter by telling her so at .....don't be shy.! Leave Comments! We bloggers LOVE them!!! Sad, but so true.


molly said...

Thanks for showing my little nest- The best part by far is my new Nest painting by my dear friend!!!I LOVE IT - got to get to sewing now....

Beth said...

hey mom! this is so cute, I'm going to bet you'll be re-creating those cupcakes ;)! Happy Mothers Day! I love you!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Awe....I missed it. I heard many people commenting on how it needs to be featured in a magazine! I completely agree with them after seeing the pictures. :)

Rochelle said...

Love the tour of the house....I am salivating over the red and white kitchen! lol It's amazing that there are so many talented women in this whole wide world - Praise God for giving us all so many talents! And, I am in love with those cupcakes and cake - how did they taste??
Rochelle in BC

The Football Wife - Sara said...

I LOVE the NEST painting!!

maureen said...

Roxanne I am sooooooooo glad you pulled out your camera. This house NEEDS to be shared with the world. And isn't it strange how God seems to introduce us to other talented ladies with similar talents and