Monday, May 25, 2009

Calling all 'budding' artist's!

Today is 'Tutorial Tuesday!' So if you've ever wanted to paint, stop by later today for you very own private lesson.

You will learn, step by step, how to paint an object!
The subject matter will be a surprise. In fact, at this very moment, not even I know... but do not fear! Such are the ways of we art-tees-ta's!

We'll start with something simple. I want you to be sucessful. I'll make it easy. 101! I promise.

See you later! It will be so much fun!


full of gracie said...

cant wait!

Beth said...

great idea! see you later :)! If you make it really easy maybe Carter can do it too!!

Nancy Elaine said...

I could use some help. Thanks for thinking of others and sharing your talent!