Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Tulip Time Again!

For the past three years, Beth and Nate, have visited the tulip farms in La Conner,WA. Since I had the honor of joining them on the first year I can tell you it's a site to see! Last week, they made the annual trek and Beth posted the pictures today. For a better look, just click .

The first year in '07, Beth captured and adorable photo of Carter walking down a row of tulips. It quickly became a family favorite! A tradition was born. Needless to say last year a similar shot was captured showing a years growth. Consequently another was taken last week to complete the sequel.

This one is my new favorite!


Susan said...

Roxanne, you should paint the old barn with the yellow and the tulips. I love the 3 year picture of your precious granddaughter. Beautiful.

Your neighbor,
Susan :)

Rochelle said...

So adorable...the tulip fields here are wonderful this time of year too - despite the rain in between the sunshine! :)
You have a granddaughter with a smile full of sunshine!

Roxanne said...

Susan and Rochelle! Thank you both so much! I just love sweet comments and y'all just brightened my day! Big hug!

Beth said...

Thanks for your sweet post mom! Wish you could have been here with us every year, but I'm so glad you got to be with us for the first time we ever saw them! It's quite a sight for sure. I love you. Have fun with the Kimster. Does she still have all her teeth?