Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kelly's Room... life is a blue-sky of opportunity!

Two weeks ago, I posted photos of a room that Kimberly and I had painted for 9 yr. Kelly Crook (Painting with Kimberly). The large scale, metallic silver, Baroque pattern painted on the walls is elegant in a 'hip and edgy' sort of way. Last week I completed the project and wanted to share those photos too!

Adjoining the bedroom, is a well lit sitting area. A lovely little room that I'm sure Kelly will enjoy. At the initial consultation, I was asked to paint empty picture frames on the long wall, which is a great way to display children's art, photos and memorabilia. Keeping the baroque design in mind, I decided the frames must be 'ornate and over the top'!

First I sketched them on the wall and then painted on non metallic but coordinating base colors. After they were dry, I applied a liberal coat of metallic paint to each frame. Next, I emphasized the faux ornamentation with darker colors, painted faux shadows around everything and before you know it, you've got a wall full of fun & fancy frames!

Next up! Kelly's closet! Wonderful, by the way, with built-in desk and custom island on casters and plenty of storage. At the far end, there is a little open area where Kelly will set up her Barbie houses. A perfect place for a mini mural! I love the whimsical style of this project and had way too much fun painting it! It is simple and sweet but full of little details, which are actually tiny but I took close up photos so you can see them! A pink park bench. A leaping squirrel! A bicycle. A man with balloons! A row of pink park benches. The family's three dogs!

...chasing each other!

A birds nest!
Kelly, discovered a little additional space and declare it a 'Barbie theatre'! So I gave her an outdoor drive-in. Which I'm pleased to say, she has actually been to a driven-in movie!

I'm so happy with the with the way this room turned out! I think it will be a lovely, transitional area, that will grow with Kelly and provide a beautiful backdrop for her story.

God's blessings to you Kelly! With your eyes on Him and your hand in His, you'll find love and peace at every twist and turn of life's journey!...and know that while I painted on the walls that surround you, I prayed for you, for your family and future happiness, for you all!


Cassi said...

What the heck? That's awesome! When you have some extra could you come on over and paint those frames in Lyssa's room?

Mindi said...

Awesome Roxanne! So cute! I don't know how you have the time to keep up with your blog!

Rochelle said...

YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! How come God gave you all the talent and only dosed out a little bit for the rest of us?? lol :)
I just love the ornate frames you painted on her walls....and a place to play Barbies...every young girls dream!
Love visiting your blog and what a great thing those young men did the other night when they came and visited you and your husband! Special boys make for special men!
Have a great day!

heather said...

This it the most amazing room I have ever seen. I want to soak up all of your talent and paint everything. You did a fantastic job and I wish you lived near Me and Joni again because I would keep you soooo busy! Bravo!

Michelle said...

Speechless Roxanne!

mary said...

AMAZING! My favorite, so far!!