Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chalkboard Love!


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Need a little punch in your home décor?

Think chalkboard! Look for old ones or

make new ones. Paint a wall, door, table

top, even a room. Just roll on any color

of flat paint and make anything a chalk

board. You can even paint A mismatched

kitchen appliance or Formica backsplash!

may and june 11 Temple 128

Get the picture?

keep it simple! using a small foam roller

prime your surface ‘well’ with an oil-

based primer and let it dry overnight.

then with a clean foam roller, paint flatIMG_2455IMG_2538

(any color) paint onto your primed

surface. It may take several coats so

Store your roller in a plastic bag in

between coats.

in a nutshell: Chalkboards add a little 

fun to any room! Everyone will enjoy it!


 my next project? paint the wall above the

chair rail in my dining room. I can hardly

wait to draw, write and erase before

putting everything back in place. After

looking at all these pictures I know I

wont be sorry!

How about you? What would you like to paint? 



molly said...

Funny you should ask? I am thinking about painting my wall in my dining room with black chalk board paint. I just think it would be fun and striking! I just am a little scared- hehe - show me yours when you get finished!!! love you friend

bunnytrails said...

Did I just catch a glimpse of my old coffee table??? I have thought about painting the doors that go from my kitchen to my utility room. Like Molly, I want to see what your little project looks like! Love you, my friend!