Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watch Kim on Survivor–7:00 cst, tonight!


I love living in a small Texas town! Temple Texas, to be exact. Even though Coach

and I have only lived here a year, this close knit community has embraced us

in a warm hug. Not only have they made us feel at home, they have reached

out to our kids as well. What a nice place! Even the local newspaper has jumped in!

Five weeks in a row, the Temple Daily Telegram has followed our daughter Kim

in the current episode of Survivor.  This morning was no exception. We enjoyed

reading the article with our coffee. It’s so much fun! Survivor fan’s are growing

in numbers here is Central Texas, simply because people  feel they have a

connection. And they do! Kim, is the Temple Wildcat’s coach’s daughter. The

Wildcat Nation is one BIG happy family!


This is the latest photo released this week at .

Isn’t she lovely? Sometimes I call her the ‘girl from Ipanema’. ‘Tall and tan, and

young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking; and as she passes, each

one she passes goes, ah! Better yet, she is a beautiful soul. Well, according to

the latest preview tonight’s episode of Survivor, One World promises to be

exciting! Looks like there are more surprises in store for us.


So far Kim has  stayed out of the drama, been helpful and respectful, given good

advice, led quietly, cheerful, optimistic, encouraging and truthful. Trust me!

I’m watching closely. Whatever I miss, Coach, Beth (sister and head of the Kim Spradlin

fan club :)) and brother Clint will catch and keep me informed.


Oh, I do hope it’s NOT Kim! Please tune in or TIVO, and cheer for Kim.


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Lynnette said...

Loved the show last night! However, Colton is still up to his little conniving tricks and I think it's time for him to have his little torch extinguished!! Kim is doing great and so excited that she got out there and found the idol. Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!