Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Last week Emme came to town! First stop. The Fieldhouse. We took ‘Pop’s’ lunch.


Next, I gave Emme a tour of the athletic complex. Football stadium, baseball field,

dugout, batting cage, practice fields. She found it quite entertaining and was especially

happy to find a chain bracelet (cheap and broken – so you wont think poorly or me for

keeping it) which she wouldn’t take off.


On the way home we stopped by to visit her buddy Tate. Which I’m happy to report,

‘she did not hit’ this time. In fact they had a blast drawing, jumping and running. We had

a fun day and words can not express how much I enjoyed spending a few days with Emme.

She is ADORABLE! I wish I had counted how many times I heard her sweet voice say,

“I thank you so very much”. My heart melted every time.


The following morning, I delighted in watching this adorable little girl eat her cheerios. With the

exception of the few spoonful’s she shared with the Schnauzers, Mitzi and Abby, she did very well.

While finishing up I noticed that Emme was picking up the Cheerios and putting them on the spoon.

As I moved in close for a picture, I heard her whisper to one particular Cheerio, “Let me get you.”


After breakfast we headed back to Tate’s for a little more fun! And speaking of fun, is this a great

idea? Tate’s mom Cassi, turned the short wall under their eating counter, which tends to collect

lot’s of footprints, into a giant chalkboard by simply painting it with flat black paint. I love this

idea for families of all ages! Just think of all the fun messages you could write on this!



In fact, it’s such a great idea I decided to “pin it!” to Pintrest! As well as her fun dining room!

Don’t you love the BIG, 6 x 4 foot sign? Look at the kid’s drawing table located in the

foyer/hall/wasted space under the huge Ikea map. This entire house screams, “FUN'”!!!

Oh, did someone mention "FUN"? Click here to read about our family gathering at the FARM!


Beth said...

Thank you for sharing the "Let me get you!" story...I think it's my new favorite!! And thank you so much for spending some quality time with Emerson. You are an awesome "Roxi"! XOXO

bunnytrails said...

So, so sweet!