Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House of Fun!

What can be more crazy fun than the house of a young family? There are piles of laundry,

diapers to change, toys under foot, soccer practice, baseball games, homework, a fish to

feed and dinner to cook!


Cassi, a mother of three, has embraced motherhood with a smile. She’s celebrates

each day knowing how quickly her kids will grow up. I love Cassi’s house. Her ‘kid proof’ decor

shouts ‘fun’, the moment you walk through the door!


Way to go Cassi! You’re doing a great job! ...you are a good momma.

You also have a new business!

All You Need Is Paint

I can’t resist spreading the word.


Need a new look? Let Cassi work her magic on your old out dated furniture….simply amazing!


Cassi said...

I love you, Roxy!

Stefanie said...

These kids are from our hometown of Wheeler!! Love both sets of families!! Good People!! Thanks for sharing!!