Friday, February 10, 2012

Old Bottles with Seashells…..Beautiful!


Aren’t these beautiful?


When I spotted them at Marburger Farms, last fall.  I melted. It was love at first site.


Last fall, friend Lori, her mother LaRae and I spent a fun day in the antique fields at Round Top, Texas.  Lori, a California girl that grew up on the beach and loves shells was smitten too and promised we would make our own. The shells appeared to be attached with lead or metal of some sort. Perhaps soldered? Lori said she would figure it out and she did! Can you say BONDO? Last Thursday, she invited me to her fabulous historic home.  What a treat it was to craft these lovely creations on her old pine farmhouse table. Lori, had already made a dozen or more of these ‘pretties’ and offered me her knowledge, advice and assistance while creating my own. I had a blast! Thank you Lori, for your generosity and friendship. You have been good for me.


The following day, bff Leslie and I  scoured Elmwood Antique Mall in Abilene Texas for old bottles. We stopped at Auto Zone and picked up a can of gold Bondo,  so we could make more treasures. Using plastic spoons and styfoam plates we mixed  small batches and attached shells to old bottles. Follow the directions, use gloves, in a well ventilated (outdoors best) area. The bondo will set fast so  work quickly. When dry (30 – 60 minutes) we used acrylic craft paints to create a faux metal appearance. Black, dark brown, metallic silver combined did the trick! Experiment and enjoy the process. Be creative!


Aren’t they cool! I can’t wait to make more. Are you going to try it?


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Rosanne, yes they are beautiful and you are so clever!! Thanks for sharing~!

Cassi said...


Jane said...

Love this idea....and it wouldn't have to be limited to seashells on bottles! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Mary said...

I love old bottles and the seashells look perfect!

bunnytrails said...

Roxanne, you won't believe this. Yesterday I bought a very large box of gorgeous seashells at an estate sale. I think I know what I filling my booth with this spring. Can't wait to get started!! Thanks so much for the inspiratiion! Hugs!

Bread and Butter said...

Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. I absolutely love old bottles, yours are so unique with the sea shells, very cool!
Hugs, Terri :)

Paula Kroener said...

Thank you Roxanne for sharing! I purchased an old wine jug with coral on the top for $560 two years ago and recently it broke in our move. My husband laughed when I was devastated (because of course he had no idea how much I originally spent on it). I put it in a closet and mourn it every time I go to grab the vacuum. I am going to repair this today! A local shop sells these for as much as $800 for the large ones. Thank you for saving my shell bottle and freeing up a shelf in my hall closet!