Friday, February 17, 2012

Nest for Sale!

Occasionally, someone will ask me if my paintings are for sale and the answer is an enthusiastic yes! The truth of the matter is I would love to sell my art. Especially now that I have a fully stocked studio, right here at home and will be painting up a storm in the days ahead. I have sold a lot of art over the years. Mostly through designers, a few shows and retail stores but moving a lot over the years has made it difficult to keep those connections.

I use to worry a lot about it but that sort of squelched my creativity and took the fun out of painting. So, I decided during the past year with another move behind us to take a new approach. One that makes my heart happy and makes my mind take a sigh of relief. In the days ahead I will simply paint what brings me joy, asking God to pour His beauty through me and onto the canvas and trust Him to provide a buyer.

Last week I painted this big grassy nest sitting on a bed of rocks. I really like it!

So if you love it and you'd like to buy it, I'll pack it up and ship it to you!

The details: Dimensions - 40" x 30", medium - Acrylic on stretched canvas, cost - $450.

Email me at with questions or kind words. Thank you.


mary said...

Your blog is so much fun to just never know what is going on in your world! I love the painting and reading Kim's history. You and your family are full of surprises and I'm so glad to get to peek in and see the goings on! I love you!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Roxanne! So nice to meet you too!! Thanks for your nice comments about my blog - it really is so nice to hear -

your paintings are so amazing - and I especiall like the relaxed feel to them - very peaceful -
if you are interested in advertising on my blog, let me know, I would love to help you sell your you have a shop??